Carlito reacts following his WWE return at Royal Rumble

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Carlito reacts following his WWE return at Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble 2021, as always happens every year in WWE, has seen unexpected returns to the ring of many characters who, in the past, have made the history of the company, both in terms of the men's division and the women's division.

With number 8, in the real 30-man brawl, fans of the Stamford federation were able to admire the return to the ropes of an athlete who had been missing in the company's ring for many years now: we are in fact talking about Carlito.

The Caribbean wrestler presented himself to the spectators in great shape. A physical condition that hasn't been seen for a long time. After all, the athlete hadn't fought in WWE for ten years. The same protagonist, who was then eliminated in a few minutes by Elias, at the end of the Pay-Per-View declared to the company's microphones that without the audience present in the stadium, clearly, the atmosphere was not identical to the past, but However, this real "return to origins" was a wonderful experience.

He didn't expect that, after all these years, streaming audiences from home would cheer him that much.

Carlito at the 2021 Royal Rumble

After making headlines for his previous refusal to take part in Raw Legends, Carlito has returned to make inroads into the hearts of many fans, albeit for a few minutes: during the Royal Rumble, however, he had his moment of "glory" even if Elias then threw it over the third rope eliminating it.

Despite this, fans still appreciated the return of one of the most "hated" athletes, in a good way clearly, of the past. Except for sensational twists, unlikely at the moment, his was a "one night only" return, however, it cannot be ruled out that, as happened for MVP last year, WWE may start building plans for him at inside one of the two rosters.

The WWE Universe waits with bated breath for the Royal Rumble event to witness surprise returns from legendary Superstars and Hall of Famers. This year's Royal Rumble was no different as it included some surprise returns in both the men's and women's Rumble match.

He also added that it was not the same wrestling inside the ThunderDome without the live audience but said that being in a WWE ring is "like nothing else in the world." Carlito closed off the interview by saying that it felt great to meet a lot of new faces inside the locker room, along with those from his time during the Ruthless Aggression era.