Vince McMahon misses Royal Rumble

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Vince McMahon misses Royal Rumble

The Royal Rumble 2021 was held in the night, the first major WWE event of this year and certainly a very important event for the purposes of Wrestlemania 37, the most anticipated event of the year by all wrestling fans. We have witnessed the two matches valid for the title and as we can see in the data updates on our website there have been so many surprises in the real fight.

RingsideNews colleagues reported the news that intrigued and caused a stir within the WWE world. Federation patron Vince McMahon did not participate in the Royal Rumble tonight, a situation that is 'unbelievable' given the importance of the event.

The federation owner has talked a lot on the phone and is said to have been very involved, but this edition of the Royal Rumble saw Kevin Dunn involved in the production, Bruce Prichard as a screenwriter and finally, it was Triple H who totally directed the show.

Vince McMahon misses Royal Rumble

It's rare for Vince McMahon to miss all of these federation recordings, and many within the WWE Universe wonder what really happened to the WWE patron. Last week he skipped both Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown and the reason was explained later: Rod McMahon, Vince's brother, passed away at the age of 72 on January 20th and Vince McMahon didn't feel like it.

to participate in registrations. In recent weeks, former WWE wrestler Ryback has publicly made social wishes to Vince to recover from his 'alleged illness' but sources close to WWE have flatly denied and reported the following words: "Vince is fine.

He trains hard and yes, maybe he might forget something, but only because there are so many things going on around him. He doesn't feel different but obviously, he ages like all of us and because of Covid he stays more time at home, maybe he spends more time sleeping and avoids traveling, this is the only thing that has really changed about his life."

No further news is known about Vince McMahon, but certainly, his' an absence that made 'noise' at the Royal Rumble. Ringside News has learned that the Women’s Royal Rumble match was produced by TJ Wilson, Adam Pearce, Chris Park, and Pat Buck.

That match saw Bianca Belair come down with the big win. The Men’s Royal Rumble match was produced by Jamie Noble, Shane McMahon, and Jason Jordan. That match was won by Edge. The road to WrestleMania 37 was jumpstarted in a big way with those action-packed matches. Now we know who to thank behind-the-scenes for helping those Royal Rumble matches come together.