CM Punk spotted in the ring

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CM Punk spotted in the ring

The return of CM Punk as an active wrestler now seems to have become a pure utopia. The former champion has somehow returned to the world of wrestling as a special guest on WWE Backstage, Fox Sports' program, but he has never shown a desire to wear the combat boots again.

Punk seems to fully enjoy life as a former wrestler and on his social networks he wanted to celebrate a rather special anniversary: in fact, exactly seven years have passed since he decided to leave WWE. On Twitter, he simply wrote: "Happy anniversary to me"

It was January 27, 2014, a day after that year's Royal Rumble, when Punk, tired of his management and his physical condition, decided to drop everything. A feeling of general malaise that led him to recharge his energy and move to the world of mixed martial arts, making his debut in the UFC.

CM Punk spotted in the ring

The separation from the Stamford Company obviously did not happen in the best way. Vince McMahon and Triple H tied it to their finger, and CM Punk had a long and heated legal battle against WWE, coming to win it.

Despite a thousand criticisms and vitriolic words, the former leader of the SES said he was ready to negotiate, but never received any calls. Obviously, his fans don't give up and hope to see him among the surprise entries of this year's Rumble, scheduled for Sunday 31 January.

The scenario appears highly unlikely but in the WWE world there is always the motto "never say never" In any case, the Chicago superstar continues to be informed about the wrestling landscape. She recently wanted to give her her contribution to Brodie Lee's family following his tragic passing and made fun of the Retribution look.

Punk also trolled a fan who offered him a match against Roman Reigns at this year's WrestleMania. In short, for the moment all that remains is to take it philosophically. Since he departed from WWE, fans have eagerly waited for CM Punk to return inside the squared circle.

Most recently, Booker T discussed the topic on his podcast and added more fuel to the fire. While discussing a massive return for tonight's PPV, Booker T predicted that CM Punk could return and win Royal Rumble 2021. He insisted that it would account for a considerable surprise, closely associated with the said pay-per-view.

While the prediction mentioned above would be a welcome surprise by the WWE Universe, for now, the fans will have to make do with Punk's appearance in the wrestling-based TV show.