*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre betrayed by Sheamus on Raw

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*Spoiler* Drew McIntyre betrayed by Sheamus on Raw

The Royal Rumble has now gone to the archives and with it, its winners have immediately welded their name to one of the greatest Wrestlemania cartel matches, which will see both the WWE Hall of Famer Edge and the rising star as protagonists inside by Smackdown, Bianca Belair.

After the two sensational victories that took place just over 24 hours ago, in fact, the fans of the WWE Universe are no longer in the skin for the curiosity of knowing who will be the two champions who will be challenged by the two winners of their respective Rumble, who for the moment they still maintain the utmost confidentiality about who will be the athlete on whom this choice will fall.

During the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired in the night, Drew McIntyre wanted to make a promo in which he talked about his future, with Edge who went into the ring, interrupting him, and saying that whoever he goes to challenge Wrestlemania, in any case, will come out with the world champion belt at the waist.

Intervening in the ring together with the WWE Scottish Champion and the winner of the men's Royal Rumble, was Drew's longtime friend, Sheamus, who had initially intervened to support the champion, when then at some point he instead completely changed attitude towards him.

What is next for Drew McIntyre on Monday Night RAW?

After congratulating Drew McIntyre for the great road he is taking towards Wrestlemania, with the former Irish champion who instead said that he will not be able to do the same, Edge had thought of it, who despite not having mentioned his opponent's name yet for Wrestlemania, he still wanted to warn McIntyre.

After the Rated R Superstar left the scene, however, the unthinkable arrived, that is, Sheamus hit his friend, as well as WWE Champion, with his Brogue Kick, sending him to the mat. A new turn heel is thus realized for Sheamus, who will most likely also build a feud with Drew McIntyre, given the possible desire of the federation to send Edge to Smackdown against Roman Reigns, which could thus constitute the other most important male titled match for the Showcase of the Immortals.

Despite the shocking betrayal from Sheamus on Raw, Drew McIntyre will need to be wary of many other things as well. As Edge said, being WWE Champion means Drew McIntyre has a massive target on his back. Apart from a potential challenger in Edge, The King of Claymore Country will now have to worry about his former best friend Sheamus, as well as Mr. Money In The Bank, The Miz. It also looks like Randy Orton still wants to get his hands on the WWE Championship.