What actually caused the Roman Reigns botch at Royal Rumble revealed

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What actually caused the Roman Reigns botch at Royal Rumble revealed

One of the most anticipated matches of the last edition of the Royal Rumble, which aired this Sunday, was certainly the Last Man Standing match between the WWE Universal Champion, Roman Reigns and his challenger, the Canadian Kevin Owens.

In a match spiced with the strongest shots unleashed on both sides, with the Samoan who even hit the Canadian with a golf cart behind the scenes of the ThunderDome, but was then hit twice by the Prizefighter on a stage table, at one point, fans witnessed one of the most sensational botches of recent years, when a Roman Reigns now unable to make any kind of movement, was unable to untie the handcuffs from a support pole.

At some point, even the referee had to stop carrying on the count, because otherwise, Reigns would have lost the title to Owens, when in reality the victory of the Tribal Chief had already been decided.

WWE's WrestleMania 37 plan for Roman Reigns

In a situation halfway between embarrassing and absurd, all of the protagonists of the match were waiting for Paul Heyman to be able to untie the handcuffs that held Roman Reigns tightly to the floor of the ThunderDome, with time slipping by and Owens pretending as though nothing had happened.

Dave Meltzer, through one of the latest updates of his Wrestling Observer, wanted to reveal what actually happened in those moments to fans of the WWE Universe: "You all know the handcuffs, the keyhole was unfortunately on the wrong side.

They did not manage to notice it in time, however, the time has stopped." Although all the fans connected from home and the insiders immediately realized that not only was it not in the script but it was also a mistake enough.

grossly, WWE ignored it, with the behind-the-scenes ordering the referee simply not to continue counting or else the champion would have to lose the title. It will now be necessary to understand what WWE will invent to put a patch on this too, provided that this segment will be mentioned in the next episode of Smackdown or if perhaps the new character of Reigns will admit that he has threatened the referee not to be counted, remaining in full of his new attitude, trying to partially disguise the clamorous mistake that occurred at Royal Rumble.

Keeping the botched finish aside, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens put on a memorable Universal Championship match. It had all the explosive elements that kept the fans invested throughout the contest. As reported by Meltzer, the current plan is to have Roman Reigns vs.

Edge at WrestleMania 37. WWE wants to get some fans back for WrestleMania 37, and the battle of Spears should be a marquee match for the grandest stage of them all.