Backstage news on The Fiend's status

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Backstage news on The Fiend's status

It has now been some time since Bray Wyatt The Fiend was 'physically' off the WWE screens and to be precise we are talking about TLC 2020 when Legend Killer Randy Orton literally 'burned' in the ring after their Firefly Inferno Match.

More than a month has now passed, but at the same time, it must be said that the storyline between The Fiend and Randy Orton continues thanks to the actions of Alexa Bliss, a trusted partner of the Demon, who has been tormenting The Viper for weeks now.

Over the course of the recent Wrestling Observer Radio colleague, Bryan Alvarez said that there is no real confirmation as to when The Fiend will return full time to WWE, but at the same time, a further change in his character or his look cannot be ruled out.

Latest update on The Fiend

Towards the end of last year, there was talk of a possible rematch at Wrestlemania 37 between Edge and Randy Orton, but the victory at the Royal Rumble of the former made this challenge virtually impossible with the fate of The Viper still uncertain.

In the last episode of Monday Night Raw Edge defeated Orton thanks to the intervention of Alexa Bliss who distracted the wrestler by appearing with some kind of blood flowing from her mouth. Latest rumors speak of a match between Edge and Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania 37 and WWE appears to be in no rush for Bray Wyatt's return with what suggests the federation wants to lead to this showcase in the Showcase of The Immortals.

WWE's idea is to re-propose a match similar to the challenge between The Fiend and John Cena that took place at Wrestlemania 36 with a fight in a Firefly Fun House. Many were waiting for The Fiend to return to the Royal Rumble but surprisingly this did not happen with the Legend Killer engaged to the end in the 'Royal Brawl' and only defeated as the last in the eternal showdown with the Canadian rival and wrestler Edge.

The two started as number 1 Edge and number 2 Randy Orton respectively and made it to the end of the Rumble. Meanwhile, Edge was asked by Bild reporter Enrico about Undertaker's recent comments on the Joe Rogan Experience, where he called the current locker room "soft"

In a global WWE teleconference (H/T to WWE India for the video), Edge said that The Deadman's comments were somewhat taken out of context. "I think any comment can be taken out of context and I think that's part of what happened there.

In a three-hour interview, I think they took the most salacious 20-second clip. I think anybody, whoever steps foot into the wrestling ring, no matter what era - whether it be the 1940s, whether it be the 2020s - all tough."