Eddie Guerrero's family has no say in how WWE uses his name

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Eddie Guerrero's family has no say in how WWE uses his name

November 13, 2005, remains, even today, one of the saddest dates in the world of wrestling. Eddie Guerrero passed away at just 38, leaving an indelible void in the hearts of fans and insiders. The Mexican fighter had in fact managed to complete a long path of redemption, which had led him to win the WWE Championship in 2004 and to become one of his most loved.

Furthermore, his enormous popularity also undoubtedly contributed to the boom of the Company in Italy in those years. Eddie was inducted into the Hall of Fame a year after his death, and WWE has continued to use his image to make documentaries and merchandise.

In fact, the name Eddie Guerrero is apparently a registered trademark of the Stamford Company and cannot be used outside of it. His daughter Shaul, who, interviewed on WrestlingInc microphones, declared it as follows: "Immediately after my father disappeared, I stopped watching WWE.

At school, I struggled to be the girl labeled as the daughter of the famous father who just passed away. Even today it is difficult for me to watch WWE for several reasons. I think we must all be cautious about how to use the name and image of the missing person.

In the ring, my father used his real name, Eddie Guerrero, and he remained a registered trademark of WWE. If we wanted to get stuck and stop them, we couldn't. They decide everything."

Eddie Guerrero passed away far too soon

Vickie Guerrero also intervened on the issue, explaining how she had signed an agreement with Vince to use the image of her husband.

However, current relations between the two sides are not very idyllic. Vickie was in fact banned from WWE after signing a contract with All Elite Wrestling. Her decision, according to her, she made after taking part in the wrestling-themed cruise organized by Chris Jericho.

Unfortunately, Eddie Guerrero's untimely death forced WWE to change plans in the process. Several internal sources have in fact reported how "Latino Heat" would have faced none other than Shawn Michaels at the 22nd edition of WrestleMania, in 2006, in what would undoubtedly have been a dream match.

Eddie Guerrero’s passing hit the pro wrestling world in a huge way. Plenty of people mourned his loss, including his good friend Rey Mysterio. He even got to pay tribute to Latino Heat by having a special entrance at the Royal Rumble.

While speaking to WWE The Bump, Rey Mysterio revealed that he did not know that he was getting a special Eddie Guerrero tribute entrance at the 2006 Royal Rumble match, a contest which he won. WWE sprang that surprise on him at the last minute, but it still made an amazing moment.

“Well, we had just lost Eddie, and the emotion was there, his spirit was there. I don’t think there was a better suggestion than to bring that lowrider in. I don’t remember who it was exactly that said you’re coming out in a lowrider.

I actually didn’t know until that day. So, the feeling was incredible. You could feel Eddie’s spirit there. There was no doubt in my mind that he was there with me that whole match”.