Lars Sullivan was done with wrestling before WWE release

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Lars Sullivan was done with wrestling before WWE release

This Tuesday the news of the release of Lars Sullivan, an athlete who had come to the Main Roster with high expectations but who has achieved very little over the months, was announced. WWE, however, has not yet made public the dismissal, which had been well discussed within some American sites, trying to imagine what the real scenarios behind this choice of the federation of Vince McMahon could be.

In the last few hours, Fightful has interviewed the now-former WWE athlete asking him for his version of the facts and has published the highlights of that chat on his Patreon.

Lars Sullivan has been let go by WWE

Lars Sullivan confirmed his dismissal and said he was somewhat surprised that WWE did not announce it all on its own, but was keen to remark that everyone behaved with extreme "honesty and compassion."

An important moment of the chat came when Sullivan admitted that he was probably done with wrestling, due to the anxiety problems that literally paralyzed him before the matches or weekly shows, sometimes preventing him from eating or sleeping in a totally calm way.

The former NXT also added that some of his behavior was perhaps too seasoned with idiocy and selfishness towards everything that surrounded him on a daily basis. However, 2020 was not an easy year for the athlete, even from a personal point of view, also considering the loss of his father in this turbulent year.

Sullivan, however, did not point the finger at anyone, pointing to himself as the "worst enemy" and took on the problems that did not help him achieve great goals in what for him was his dream job. Lars also added his gratitude to WWE and talked about the famous promo with Michael Cole that has caused so much discussion in recent weeks.

Sullivan flew home following an anxiety attack, and the feud was scrapped as a result. A short while later, Lars Sullivan appeared on WWE TV and began attacking WWE's top Superstars following WrestleMania 35. He put down the likes of Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio, and The Hardy Boyz.

He soon suffered a severe knee injury that kept him out of action for months on end. Lars Sullivan had been pushed again in late 2020 on WWE SmackDown, where he attacked Riddle, Jeff Hardy, and The Miz. His character was being fleshed out with a sit-down interview where he talked about his childhood, and the reason he turned into a monster.