Bo Dallas' current situation in WWE

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Bo Dallas' current situation in WWE

The weekly WWE shows are filled with the most disparate characters, with the company's sideshows, such as 205 Live or Main Event, very often being stuffed with all those athletes that the Stamford-based federation fails to use the rest of the week, in the the most important TV tapings, or in the three main shows on Monday evening, Wednesday evening and Friday evening.

Among all these athletes, however, it is more than a year that one is always missing, the former NXT Champion, as well as Raw Tag Team Champion, also winner of a kingdom titled with the 24/7 Championship: Bo Dallas. The younger brother of Bray Wyatt, in fact, has been missing from the WWE rings for months now, with the whole of 2020 that has not seen him at all protagonist of the McMahon rings, neither in a match nor in a segment, in any TV show.

Bo Dallas hasn’t been seen on WWE television for over a year

To try to explain the disappearance of the former WWE yellow roster champion for over a year, the well-known overseas site Ringside News tried, with reporters from the famous newspaper who tried to ask different sources for which reason the younger brother of the wrestler who now brings Fiend to Monday Night Raw, has drastically disappeared from the scene overnight.

After interviewing several insiders, the Ringside reporters learned that Bo Dallas is taking part in several shows, obviously remaining in the backstage of the ThunderDome, but doesn't seem to be appearing on-screen for lack of ideas.

The character that Dallas brought to the scene until a few years ago with Curtis Axel, now seems to have run its course, with the boy who once lost his teammate, fired from the WWE at the beginning of 2020, therefore also lost the other half of that B-Team that WWE Universe fans didn't mind too much.

In December 2019, Bo Dallas had asked WWE for a hiatus and had assured fans that it would serve him personally and his character to literally "be reborn" Apparently, the only impediment to seeing Bo in the WWE rings seems to be a lack of ideas from the creative team towards him, as he is said to be ready to return, but simply not being used by management.

There are a lot of theories about who this mysterious Superstar could be. It appears to be a former NXT Champion and that shortens the list of possibilities. During Wrestling Observer Radio, it was theorized that this promo could have been for Bo Dallas.

This theory holds a lot of weight because Bo Dallas announced in December that he was taking a hiatus. Perhaps he reinvented himself and will make a big return to NXT. The last time Dallas was seen in NXT he was being carried off by Full Sail security. He might get a better homecoming.