Chris Masters on WWE's most entertaining Superstar

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Chris Masters on WWE's most entertaining Superstar

Chris Masters is a former WWE athlete, who worked with the Stamford-based Federation from 2003 to 2007 and from 2009 to 2011, and speaking to SK Wrestling's Dr. Chris Featherstone gave his opinion on who was the funniest in the locker room.

Masters found this character in Booker T, also highlighting his great skills in commenting and in knowing how to recognize the great comic times that have distinguished him for years. Furthermore, the Masterpiece did not hide the positivity that Booker manages to convey to all athletes, especially the younger ones.

Chris Masters on WWE's most entertaining Superstar

"Booker T is one of the best people I've had backstage in WWE. Nobody was funny like him, he also gave off a lot of energy and he also entertained us with his continuous comments towards what he saw in the various monitors positioned.

Many know him for his present as a commentator, but it is not to forget his past and how he entertained us, wrestlers, even when he himself was fighting. Obviously, at the time he had a lot less handbrake on during his comments."

Chris Masters had a past in WWE, where, however, according to many fans, he could achieve much more, especially considering his convincing physical size, if it were not also for some behavior outside the lines, as evidenced by the suspension for doping in which he met in 2007.

During his time within the federation of Vince McMahon, he met Booker T, a very important athlete for the history of wrestling but also for many young people who, as Chris himself testifies, have always been able to count on the help of the current commentator, recently used to advertise the latest Bad Bunny single, which features the name of the former World Heavyweight Champion and former King Of The Ring as its title.

And what about you, what memories do you have of Chris Masters? Let us know with a comment. Masters performed in WWE from 2003-2007 and 2009-2011. He participated in the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble match, which featured surprise appearances from Booker T and Diesel (aka Kevin Nash).

Regarding Kevin Nash’s surprise entrance as Diesel, Chris Masters said the former WWE Champion was “calm, cool, and collected” backstage. Nash lasted almost three minutes in the 2011 WWE Royal Rumble match before being eliminated by Wade Barrett.

Booker T lasted 68 seconds (eliminated by Mason Ryan) and Masters lasted two minutes (eliminated by CM Punk). Alberto Del Rio won the 40-man match.