The Undertaker talks about finally retiring from WWE

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The Undertaker talks about finally retiring from WWE

The Undertaker is certainly remembered as one of the greatest legends in WWE history. The now-former wrestler retired from the company at the last Survivor Series of 2020, thus ending an extraordinary career. Recently appearing during the podcast The Joe Rogan Experience the Deadman spoke of his retirement and the fact that in his opinion he had waited too long.

WWE Universe fans have always been impressed and fascinated by his character, but The Undertaker pointed out that in the last phase of his career he almost suffered from staying in the ring.

The Undertaker talks about the end of his WWE career

During the podcast, The Undertaker revealed that he had long awaited the last meeting that would allow him to say goodbye with satisfaction.

He eventually got it in his Boneyard Match against AJ Styles but the wrestling legend admitted that maybe he waited too long to retire. Here are his words: "I had to retire first but in the last period I was looking for that last one the match that would allow me to say: 'It's gone guys, it's over!

There have been several proposals and there have been people to whom I had already reiterated that my skills they weren't what they used to be and that it was starting to be evident. By saying those things I put a great burden on those people and every one had understood by now how far I had come.

I am aware that speaking with Vince I would still have the opportunity to stay a few years and beat my rivals, but by now I have understood that I can no longer do it and it would not be fair to the new generation who are trying to grow to reach my levels."

In the course of recent interviews, The Undertaker has dealt with many topics and also spoke of the choice of CM Punk, another great historic wrestler now no longer in WWE to move to UFC. The wrestling legend commented on this choice stating that he never truly understood why he made this decision.

The Undertaker talked about how his character was a huge intellectual property to Vince McMahon. He said that if he had wanted, he could have gone out for more years and wrestle, but he didn't want to. The Deadman added that he knew that there were many other wrestlers on the roster looking to fill in that position, and it was not fair to them.

"Vince, who I have an unbelievable relationship with, [The Undertaker was] a huge intellectual property to Vince, 30 years. I could go out for another few years, knock somebody on their ass, chokeslam somebody but I can’t do it personally.

I can’t because I know there’s so many guys coming up that are trying to get that spot. I could say I’ve got all this equity built up for all these years and I’m going to live off of that."