Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals his favorite wrestler of all time

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Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals his favorite wrestler of all time

One of the characters that WWE is currently focusing on most despite not having a world champion title for life is undoubtedly Monday Night Raw's Legend Killer, WWE's "Viper": Randy Orton. After ending a huge feud against the Hall of Famer Edge, culminating in yet another match live on Monday Night Raw last Monday, Orton has embarked on another huge television engagement with The Fiend and his ally Alexa Bliss, which goes now on stage for weeks and which will almost certainly lead the three to have a final epilogue in the night dedicated to Wrestlemania 37 (or rather, two nights).

To pay particular compliments to the future McMahon Hall of Famer, the legendary "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who through the microphones of WWE The Bump has done nothing but praise the great state of form of Orton, which Austin says is the best he's ever had in his career.

Guessed precisely about what Randy Orton is currently bringing to the ring on Monday Night Raw, Stone Cold Steve Austin said: "I'm watching with great interest what Randy Orton is doing right now and I think it's the best job of his career.

Specifically, I speak both from the athletic in-ring point of view and from the point of view of the promos."

Stone Cold Steve Austin reveals his favorite wrestler of all time

He said, "I mean, this guy is really on fire and makes you want to see him and follow him.

His work in his ring has always been spectacular. He is the standard and now they are working in this direction, I think it is extraordinary. When I saw the Royal Rumble, I thought 'hey is this going to be the guy who will equalize my record of three Rumble wins?' I was sure enough, but Edge took it out, so not that fast, my friend.

But maybe he still has a victory inside him for the future." Nothing taking away from the other WWE performers, according to Steve Austin the best work currently belongs to former WWE Champion Randy Orton, who thanks to his performances is bringing tens of thousands of fans.

to follow his exploits in the rings of Monday Night Raw, in a context where every week the show ends with a different twist, which fans do not mind at all. WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin recently named Ric Flair as his favorite wrestler of all time.

It's a fair pick, as "The Nature Boy" is a 16-time world champion. On the February 3 episode of WWE's The Bump, which airs on YouTube, Austin made an appearance to talk about his on-going projects, such as "Straight Up Steve Austin."

Austin also discussed his WWE career and various members of the WWE roster. On each episode of "Straight Up Steve Austin," Stone Cold has a special guest. One of the stars scheduled for the upcoming season finale is the former women's champion, Charlotte Flair. When "The Queen" came up in the conversation, Austin praised her father, Ric Flair.