Arn Anderson on Leaving WWE in 2019

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Arn Anderson on Leaving WWE in 2019

Arn Anderson is currently working for All Elite Wrestling and he recently spoke about being fired by WWE in 2019. Arn Anderson is one of the most popular former professional wrestlers as well, and he is currently mentoring Cody Rhodes.

He got a call from WWE in February 2019, and was told that WWE will let him go. Arn recalls that he felt quite happy at that time. He also stated that it was the first time that he was ever fired in his life.

Arn Anderson on Being Fired by WWE in 2019

“Inwardly I was doing jumping jacks with a half twist,” Anderson said.

“She said ‘Are you okay?’ And I said ‘Never better.’ It felt like 500 pounds had just been lifted off my shoulder. I pointed towards the couch and I said I will be sitting right there this coming Monday.

I just felt great. Usually in our business, I would’ve looked at that as humiliation and what are we going to do and how we are going to get by. “At that point in time, there weren’t many places to wrestle, AEW had only been starting for a short amount of time.

It should’ve been a panic mode situation but I was thrilled because we had prepared for this. We had taken care of our money, done all the right things heading towards retirement. This was just one of those things that was unexpected but man, I welcomed.

I was ready [to go]”. Arn then spoke about his podcast co-host Conrad Thompson. He stated that the podcast allows him to relax a bit. “A little birdy must have heard about it and said can I come over,” Arn said.

“Guess who the bird was? It was the podcast birdy, Conrad Thompson started throwing out some things and so many things made sense. He was so high on what he thought I could pull off, I was scared to death. He left that day from the house and man, I just felt really good about it.

It’s given me an avenue to relax a little bit about the business and not have to be so uptight about it”. Anderson then revealed that he had to do while working for WWE. “I can’t begin to tell you guys how consuming the job I had was,” Arn Anderson said.

“Being on the road all time, doing international shows and international travel, quite a few house shows. I was never involved in the movie making end, I was happy for the guys that got to star in those movies. It was just a possibility that something big would open up”.