Rey Mysterio on signing his new WWE contract

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Rey Mysterio on signing his new WWE contract

For a brief but intense spell last summer one of WWE's superstars, Mexican-born wrestler Rey Mysterio, was very close to bidding farewell to Vince McMahon's federation. The wrestler worked on Friday Night Smackdown without a contract for a period of time and despite the talks being quite tight Rey was close to a resounding move to All Elite Wrestling, the new federation rival to WWE.

Tony Khan's company offered the same amount offered by WWE but it was higher thanks to a greater number of dates in the ring. Eventually Rey Mysterio struck the deal that he will keep The Master of 619 in WWE for the next three years.

These rumors, however, make it clear how there really was the possibility of seeing Rey Mysterio within the AEW Dynamite show.

Rey Mysterio on working with his son Dominik

Rey Mysterio, a wrestler that we can certainly count among the most experienced and important athletes on the main roster, spoke to Sports Illustrated microphones, and spoke about this new agreement with Vince McMahon's company.

Here are his words: "We have never made public the signing of my new agreement, but I can already announce that there will still be time to see Rey Mysterio in WWE. I will continue to fight and as long as time permits I will be in a wrestling ring."

In recent times Rey Mysterio is having less limelight on himself, after the endless feud of the first band against Seth Rollins and against Murphy, who later became a member of the Mysterio family, in fact engaged to the daughter of the San Diego elf Aalyah, but Rey Mysterio could soon bring new interesting stories from the storyline against King Corbin.

Here are some words from him: "I have a little surprise that will eventually come out shortly, I'm just waiting for the right moment to do it, and the whole SmackDown family will know. Last year, after Mysterio picked WWE over AEW, he chose to stay, according to various reports, due to his son Dominik currently getting a chance in the company.

Judging by Mysterio's comments today, it certainly seems like those reports ring true as he spoke very highly of his son and WWE. “I am so happy to see my son Dominik doing so well, and it means so much to me to be with him in WWE.

When I left WWE [in 2015], I was tired, I was beat and I was going through a phase in my life where I just needed some time off. That time away recharged my batteries. During that period, I was given time to think about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life."