Karrion Kross' WWE future revealed

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Karrion Kross' WWE future revealed
Karrion Kross' WWE future revealed

Although WWE NXT's popularity has increased over the last few years and Triple H has always defined it as a third brand like the others, Vince McMahon sees it differently. Several stars made it to the main roster, but their treatment was not similar to that obtained on the yellow show.

The situation has changed slightly in recent months. The next to receive a "promotion" should be former NXT Champion Karrion Kross. The indiscretion was launched by Dave Meltzer on the occasion of the Wrestling Observer Radio: "Karrion Kross is now ready for the main roster.

WWE can't wait to have him on Raw or SmackDown, they have yet to decide the plans for him. He will continue to do his thing on the yellow show and then get promoted, it's just a matter of time."

Karrion Kross reportedly being fast-tracked to the WWE main roster

WWE Wants Karrion Kross to Main Roster Since his NXT debut, Kross has impressed fans and insiders alike with his stage presence and teaming up with his real-life partner Scarlett Bordeaux.

Mick Foley also had great words of praise towards him, calling his entry truly epic of him. A real metamorphosis compared to the somewhat nebulous past. The former Spanish-speaking commentator Hugo Savinovich has revealed how the wrestler was originally a hitman and had exchanges with the American mafia, before turning to Wrestling and changing his life.

Karrion Kross only won the NXT Championship once, only to vacate it due to injury. It will be necessary to understand, however, if Kross will go to the main roster together with Scarlett or if the two will be separated. In the meantime, we remind you how another big NXT star has recently landed on Raw: it is Damian Priest, whose promotion has been rumored for some time.

In the summer of last year, it was also thought that Adam Cole should also make it to the main roster, but it did not happen. We'll see if this time Dave Meltzer is right or not. It was also stated that Kross must "get through" his current NXT run before being brought to RAW or SmackDown; what that could mean is up for interpretation.

WWE has had no issues in the past of plucking talent from the black and gold brand without notice, not allowing them to "get through" any specific storyline they were currently involved in. It is probably no coincidence that they had Kross go face to face with Edge last night on WWE NXT and that Randy Orton of RAW called him out earlier this week on social media with a tweet that stated.

"Get yo a** up here and let’s fight to make some $ and crack a beer. Wtf you waiting for??? Time? F*** time. Haha, I’ll set my alarm."

Karrion Kross

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