'Get her involved with the Roman Reigns storyline,' says former writer

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'Get her involved with the Roman Reigns storyline,' says former writer

Since his return to WWE at SummerSlam 2020 Roman Reigns has acquired an increasingly important role which has led him to be the Tribal Chief of WWE. Right now the WWE Universal Champion is arguably the main wrestler on the company's main roster.

After his return from Heel, the Big Dog first won the title and then went wild by winning and indeed asphalting several opponents, most recently PrizeFighter Kevin Owens, who was shot down several times recently. The two challenged each other last time at the Royal Rumble, in a Last Man Standing Match, certainly the last act of this now interminable feud that has almost always seen the Tribal Chief dominate but at the same time, Owens figured well as Babyface.

In addition to this Roman Reigns has created a sort of Stable by first joining WWE's Mad Genius Paul Heyman, now a well-known adviser to him and then after beating him he subdued his family member Jimmy Uso. Precisely this name could suggest inserting a new star in the federation.

Vince Russo on Naomi's introduction in Roman Reigns' storyline

During Sportkeeda's Legion of Raw, former WWE Creative Team member Vince Russo praised WWE star Naomi, who has recently returned and is regarded by Russo as one of WWE's best female stars.

Naomi is the wife of Jimmy Uso and is, therefore, as Russo points out, part of her family, for this very reason Vince McMahon's federation should include her in Roman Reigns' storyline. Here are his words about it: "Naomi is an incredible athlete.

Look, guys, I know how Naomi works and I can say that this girl is special, I am looking at her athleticism and the way she does, I can say that she should not be treated like the other wrestlers in the company. We are talking about a 5-star athlete, so I recommend that somehow I would like to involve her in the Roman Reigns storyline and the WWE Universal Champion family."

Naomi is considered to be one of the most underutilized female Superstars in WWE. Naomi is indeed one of the best pure athletes in the WWE, and she showcased her skill set aptly during the Royal Rumble match. Naomi was pushed into the Lana storyline on RAW, and it would be interesting to see where it all ends up.

As Russo stated, should WWE consider adding Naomi into the Roman Reigns angle along with The Usos? What do you guys think? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.