WWE grooming Austin Theory for main roster return

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WWE grooming Austin Theory for main roster return

In recent weeks, a face that became famous in the rings of Monday Night Raw during the pandemic, who had gone to ally with Mexicans Angel Garza and Andrade, forming the stable led by manager Zelina Vega, was that of Austin Theory, who was then strangely "demoted" from WWE to the rings of NXT's Wednesday night show.

After making his jump to the main roster shortly before Wrestlemania 36, ​​Austin Theory had ended up in the storm with the "Speaking Out" movement, with which several women and several men had reported alleged abuses of important WWE athletes.

and not, refer to the past. Austin Theory had indeed been one of the McMahon athletes most affected by this situation. After solving these problems, WWE decided to support the former Evolve champion with the North American NXT champion, Johnny Gargano, making him build a real stable on the yellow show ring, in which Austin was fundamental until now.

Latest update on Austin Theory

Apparently, as reported in the last hours by the usual Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer, in one of the daily updates, it seems that WWE may soon move the young athlete once again to the rings of Monday Night Raw or Friday Night Smackdown, with the journalist who in fact stated: "They clearly have big plans for Austin Theory because of his physique, even though he was ready for the main roster, but they still brought him down.

Now there are rumors again that he can go back. Anyway, it wasn't the worst thing in the world to send him back to NXT in the end, it's still a great experience to work with Johnny Gargano, who remains a great worker despite everything.

They're definitely working to get him out of there and the latest rumors seem right." So close to Wrestlemania 37, it shouldn't come as a surprise a new call to NXT by WWE management for the main roster, featuring Austin Theory who could thus return to appear on the most important television screens of the company, with a career that is just waiting to be launched at any moment.

We’ll have to see if a second chance will be the charm for Austin Theory on the WWE main roster. His first run on the main roster didn’t amount to a lot of success as he was simply a sidekick. Now he is leaning from Johnny Gargano as part of The Way. It will be interesting to see how long Austin Theory sticks around the black and gold brand this time around.