WWE announces the release of Steve Cutler

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WWE announces the release of Steve Cutler

One of the characters who had returned to the rings of Friday Night Smackdown in recent weeks, after spending months and months in oblivion, was Steve Cutler, a former member of the Forgotten Sons, a team that after the unfortunate tweet from Jaxson Ryker about Donald's work Trump in the White House, had completely disappeared from the WWE rings, although there were huge plans for them, which would have even taken them all the way to the tag team titles of the WWE Friday night blue show.

After seeing them disappear into thin air overnight, Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake had reappeared almost magically before the end of last year, alongside King Corbin in Smackdown, where the king of the ring had requested their collaboration to be able to win against the Mysterio family, who were too close and too numerous to be faced alone.

After just two or three appearances in Smackdown, the two have disappeared again, with recent news confirming that one of the two fighters, has indeed been released.

Steve Cutler's run in WWE

As communicated by the Stamford federation itself in the last few hours, through the usual modus operandi that the company has been using for years on its official website, the fans of the WWE Universe have thus learned that the McMahons have terminated the contract that bound up to yesterday Steve Cutler's performance with the company, with the following message that appeared at any moment on the WWE website and on all its social channels: Apparently, one of the triggers that led WWE to fire the wrestler, according to the site Fightful, would have been the heat that the leadership of the federation had towards him, with Vince McMahon himself going on a rampage.

when the boy became ill with Covid in early January, with plans for him that were thus canceled once again, given the absence that had to see him protagonist from the Smackdown ring. After returning from months of nothing, the athlete had to resent himself once again, with the Chairman who at that moment definitively closed the doors to his character, then arriving at yesterday's dismissal.

Steve Cutler joined WWE in 2014 and competed in NXT as a member of the Forgotten Sons before the stable made their main roster debut on SmackDown last year. They didn't accomplish on either show, which was fitting for their tag team name.

The Forgotten Sons were taken off TV for some time after Jaxson Ryker posted a controversial tweet that garnered a lot of heat. According to reports, Ryker is currently expected to be released by WWE, though he currently performs on RAW with Elias.