The Hurt Business member has a message for Drew McIntyre

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The Hurt Business member has a message for Drew McIntyre

In the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, the first in chronological order after the long-awaited Royal Rumble, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre took to the ring to comment on what had happened the night before and to talk about his defense of the title with victory against Bill Goldberg.

The two hugged after the match and both showed mutual respect. During the segment, however, the main protagonist of the Royal Rumble intervened, or the returning and winner Edge. The latter, although showing respect for The Scottish Psychopath, launched a challenge to the WWE Champion, reminding him that he can choose to challenge him as an opponent at Wrestlemania: suddenly Sheamus intervened, who took the champion's defense, trying to irritate Edge.

Once the Canadian wrestler left the ring there was the surprise of the evening with Sheamus who cheated on his friend (the two have a twenty-year relationship) and hit him leaving him on the ground. Immediately after, The Celtic Warrior declared that he is aiming for the title and Drew McIntyre replied that he accepts the challenge.

The Hurt Business member Shelton Benjamin had a message for Drew McIntyre on Instagram after Sheamus turned on the WWE Champion on this week's RAW.

Drew McIntyre never expected Sheamus to turn on him

Over the past few hours, a message from a Raw superstar has intrigued wrestling fans.

Through a video on the official Instagram profile, WWE retraced this evening and 'opened the dance' for this now certain feud between the two former friends. The Hurt Business member Shelton Benjamin commented below the post reminding Drew McIntyre of the following message: "Hey champion, remember you have no friends!" We currently don't know if this message could have any meaning or not, but Shelton Benjamin's message has had many responses from the social front.

It's a really good time for the WWE Champion, who, after confirming the title, announced on Twitter that he had made an autobiography, a book dealing with his life and how he realized his dream of joining WWE. Drew McIntyre and Sheamus became friends way before the duo made their way to WWE.

Both Superstars saw several ups and downs in their WWE careers but managed to taste World title gold on the main roster. Sheamus finally showed his true colors and turned on Drew McIntyre on RAW, making it clear that the WWE Championship is way more important to him than his 20-year friendship with McIntyre.

There's no word yet as to when these two former friends will face off with the WWE title on the line. Edge has yet to decide who he will face at WrestleMania, and it could very well be the winner of Drew McIntyre vs. Sheamus.