Christian is scheduled to be a part-time performer for WWE

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Christian is scheduled to be a part-time performer for WWE

One of the biggest surprises that occurred at the Royal Rumble is undoubtedly the return to the ring of Christian, who caused a lot of hype within the WWE Universe, and who, paradoxically, was of help to the great friend and former partner Edge, winner at the end of the real fight.

Fans of the wrestling world have long been waiting for the return of Captain Charisma but apparently and from what transpires we will see the wrestler compete again in WWE. According to PWInsider colleague Mike Johnson. Christian did not appear on the Raw following the Royal Rumble but could return in the coming weeks working with the federation as part-time.

This is definitely extraordinary news for fans who thought the wrestler would never fight in the ring again.

The latest news on Christian

The reason for returning to Christian's company stems from a rumor regarding what happened about a week ago with a meeting between the wrestler and the company's doctors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the latter authorizing the wrestler to return to the ring.

With the great friend Edge who will be among the protagonists (perhaps the main one) at Wrestlemania 37, it seems possible that Captain Charisma could also take part in the Show of The Immortals and the brand in which the wrestler will appear should be connected to the choice of Edge regarding his Wrestlemania opponent with Christian who should be part of the same show.

In short, good news for all fans who will be able to see one of their greatest favorites again. Surely a fighter reborn after the very serious injury that kept him stationary for many years and in this regard a SmackDown star, Big E, posted a stock photo on social media: in the shot, Big E extends his hand to his opponent Christian, who seems to have rejected it.

The episode dates back to 2014, but it could be a clue to a new and interesting feud. The word coming out of the WWE Royal Rumble last night is that Christian was secretly cleared to return to the ring a week ago after meeting with WWE's doctors in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

While Christian was seen backstage yesterday, he kept his return quiet beyond a select few that knew ahead of time but eventually needed to get warmed up before the match. The response from the WWE Universe and wrestlers across multiple companies showcase the impact Christian has made on the industry over the last two decades.