WWE nixed comedy spot from 2021 Royal Rumble

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WWE nixed comedy spot from 2021 Royal Rumble

The last edition of the WWE Royal Rumble is already history, with the two great athletes who have won their respective contests with 30 participants, namely Edge and Bianca Belair, who are already organizing their Road to Wrestlemania together with the WWE, which obviously it will be for them one of the most important moments of their career.

After seeing the former NXT wrestler reach unexpected success and after seeing the WWE Hall of Famer return to the roof of the world, which by many was considered finished as a pro-wrestler, some background on the real male fight emerges, given that some steps didn't quite go as the script originally intended.

WWE nixed comedy spot from 2021 Royal Rumble

According to reports in the last few hours by the well-known overseas site, the Wrestling Observer, through the words of its trusty journalist Dave Meltzer, WWE would have changed at the last second an angle comedy that was to be staged in the real brawl with 30 men, with Angel Garza who had to enter in fact in the place of Otis, but with the management who in the end preferred to cancel the corner, making the former member of Heavy Machinery enter the match.

In one of his latest newsletters, Meltzer revealed: "Another last-second change was Otis replacing Angel Garza. Otis had been advertised. Garza was theoretically intended for a quick entry, while he would later do an angle comedy, where he would take off his pants and then come immediately.

eliminated, without being able to do anything. At the last second, Otis was instead inserted once again in the match, in place of Garza." It is not known what was the motivation that prompted WWE to eliminate Angel Garza's participation from the Royal Rumble, but probably, given that the company focuses heavily on the Mexican fighter of Monday Night Raw, so much so that it is considered a future "Edde Guerrero", his quick elimination could have jeopardized his future in the WWE rings.

By avoiding the comedy elimination, then, WWE may have safeguarded his character, who won't be so mocked by fans. The 2021 WWE Royal Rumble is not the first big WWE event that Vince McMahon has missed. In 2014, the WWE Chairman left WrestleMania 30 to go to the hospital with The Undertaker after his match against Brock Lesnar.

As a result, he was not present for Daniel Bryan’s WWE World Heavyweight Championship victory in the main event. Vince McMahon also missed JBL’s WWE Championship win over Eddie Guerrero, as well as Chris Jericho’s ‘Festival of Friendship’ segment with Kevin Owens.