Seth Rollins will return to SmackDown next week

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Seth Rollins will return to SmackDown next week

After weeks of absence, which the athlete had taken to be close to his partner in one of the happiest moments for a couple, namely the birth of their first daughter, Roux, Seth Rollins reappeared in the WWE rings by surprise, in the Royal Rumble edition at the end of January, with fans who were very happy with this appearance, as Rollins had been missing from the Smackdown ring for quite some time now.

Although the Rumble evening was not the best for the former Raw Universal Champion, the athlete will still return to play a primary role on the television screens of the WWE Friday Night SmackDown, with fans expecting his presence.

already tonight, in the episode aired only a few hours ago on FOX, but it did not happen.

What does the future hold for Seth Rollins on SmackDown?

Although Seth Rollins was backstage on Friday Night SmackDown last night, WWE wanted to keep the wrestler out of the picture but airing a video advertising the return of WWE's Messiah for the next episode of the week's blue show.

next, with all the faces of the roster that have been so warned. After ending his feud against Murphy and the entire Mysterio family, Seth Rollins had in fact moved away from the WWE to follow the last moments of the pregnancy of his future wife, Becky Lynch, who after a few days gave birth to the beautiful Roux, who is already the love of dad Seth.

It will now be necessary to see if with the return of Rollins' Smackdown to the rings, Murphy will also return to the scene, who has been missing from the action for several weeks or if he will focus on many other projects on the blue show rings.

We can recall that with Murphy's absence, his girlfriend Aalyah Mysterio also disappeared, with the only members of the Mysterio family who continue to appear regularly in Smackdown who are Rey and her son Dominik. During the Royal Rumble, he entered at No.

29 and eliminated Daniel Bryan. Bryan has been one of the top faces on SmackDown for the last few years. After the WWE Draft, the two men confronted each other, with Bryan trying to stop Seth Rollins and his brainwashing ways.

A feud with Bryan seems like the most logical direction since they had a moment during the Royal Rumble. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura also seem to both be good guys now, so he could enter an angle with either of those men.