Viktor discusses nearly joining The Wyatt Family

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Viktor discusses nearly joining The Wyatt Family

Over the years, several WWE insiders have told some anecdotes and some revelations that fans did not know and probably never could have imagined, with changes of plans and missed appearances that have drastically changed the fate of a feud, of a storyline or a titled victory, which were initially thought of in a completely different way.

One of the most striking similar moments of recent years, was certainly the victory by Braun Strowman of the Universal Championship against Goldberg, in last year's edition of Wrestlemania, when an unable Roman Reigns forfeited the last second, leaving the reins of the Smackdown cartel match at Monster Among Men.

The history of the WWE, however, is studded with these unexpected events, so much so that every week, a new interview comes out in which one of the present or past protagonists of the McMahon-owned company's rings, in fact, tells the fans something that they did not know, as only happened a few hours ago with Viktor, former star of Ascension.

In a recent interview on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, Viktor discussed nearly joining The Wyatt Family.

Viktor on nearly joining The Wyatt Family

In his latest interview with Wrestling Inc site, former Ascension member Viktor, (who was released in 2019 by WWE just like his teammate Konnor), wanted to tell when the company's management wanted to include it in Bray Wyatt's The Wyatt Family, saying: "I got several minor injuries when I was at NXT.

So I started getting in and out of the rings and that was the time before I joined Ascension. I was also working with Seth Rollins at the time and was also placed in a three-way match with him and Leo Kruger, somewhere in a big event in the north.

I remember that in that match, Seth threw me back into the ring and my knee suddenly came out of his seat, making me finish my match there. And it was a really good match. We had great fun. I remember someone who at the end of the dispute told me that the match was phenomenal, saying 'Well congratulations, you will never leave here.'

So from that moment more and more conflicting voices came out, which led me into the Wyatt Family. For a while, I was also convinced to enter it, because they had already told me about it in detail. Eventually, they changed their minds and Hunter (Triple H), at the suggestion of Norman Smiley and Billy Kidman, told me, 'Hey Vic, you should join Ascension' This is what happened. NXT had already taken its shape, but we were still in Tampa. We hadn't moved to Orlando yet."