Lana says top superstar is obsessed with her

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Lana says top superstar is obsessed with her

After being absent from WWE TV screens for several weeks due to a 'serious' injury, which had slowed her rise, we saw Lana back in the ring in the last Royal Rumble and later, in the following episode of Monday Night Raw, The Ravishing Russian won the Tag Team Match together with new partner Naomi and the two of them became the new No.

1 Contender to the Raw Tag Team Champion title, won in the last Rumble by Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler. Nia Jax was the protagonist of a nice social exchange with the partner of the current All Elite Wrestling wrestler Miro.

Lana posted a post on Twitter with her latest photoshoot for the well-known company Maxim and current Tag Team Champion Nia Jax commented on her post noting how the wrestler was 'Hot' Between the serious and the joking of her Lana was in the game and replied that Nia Jax is totally obsessed with her.

Lana and Nia Jax were involved in a heated feud in 2020

During 2020 Lana and Nia Jax were the protagonists of a long and disputed feud with the blonde wrestler who for nine consecutive weeks was crashed on the table by Nia Jax.

This choice by Vince McMahon's company had created several controversies with fans fed up with this attitude towards Lana and the very attached creative team on social media. Also, for this reason, maybe a big moment of glory was given to Lana, who remained as the only survivor in the women's match in a Raw vs SmackDown Women's Elimination.

A title match was expected at TLC with Lana and Asuka busy with the current champions but an injury has slowed the rise of Lana, now back and ready to take that title she has long dreamed of. In her place on that occasion, Lana was replaced by the returning Charlotte Flair who, paired with Asuka, won the title in that case.

Last year, Lana and Nia Jax kicked off a feud on WWE RAW, which saw the former getting put through the announce table by Jax for nine consecutive weeks. By the time Jax dropped Lana for the ninth time, fans had gotten tired of the repetitiveness, and WWE's creative team was getting heavily slammed for the angle.

The Ravishing Russian finally got her moment on the top when she became the sole survivor in a RAW vs. SmackDown Women's Elimination match. At TLC, Lana and Asuka were set to challenge Jax and Shayna Baszler for the Women's Tag Team Titles, but a dastardly attack by the villains left Lana with an injury, and she was replaced with Charlotte Flair.