Konnan Praises Alicia Atout on Wrestling Inc.

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Konnan Praises Alicia Atout on Wrestling Inc.

Konnan recently appeared on The Wrestling Inc. Daily where he praised Alicia Atout. Alicia has made a name for herself on social media as she has become one of the most famous wrestling interviewers in the world. Konnan spoke about Alicia among many other wrestling related topics.

Konnan stated that Alicia has a lot to offer the business. “She’s done good. I had worked with her in Impact, and they weren’t really doing nothing with her,” Konnan recalled. “And she’s really a good looking girl.

She really likes wrestling. She’s really passionate. She always looks nice. She’s always very friendly."

Konnan Praises Alicia Tout during a podcast

“She’s got a lot to offer this business, and I think Court [Bauer] like I said, you don’t need to show Court somebody that’s talented more than once.

Once he sees them, he knows. That’s part of his brilliance, and he’s got her. And he’s working with her, and she’s doing some cool s**t. And I’m really happy for her because she’s a cool girl”.

These days Alicia and MLW manager Salina de la Renta have been fighting each other on social media. Konnan believes that the two will not settle their differences inside the ring as Alicia can’t wrestle or is at least not known to be a good wrestler.

“I don’t think Alicia can wrestle,” Konnan said. “She’s not a wrestler, and I think Salina, the last time she wrestled, she broke her leg or something. I don’t think that’s their strong point, but you could put them in a three-man match or something, and they’re the two women on each side.

“And once they get in there, you get the obligatory catfight, a good clothesline or somebody goes through a table. It’ll get a pop. I don’t know if a one-on-one match would be good because neither one of them are really wrestlers”.

Besides speaking about Alicia, Konnan also spoke about the formation of MLW’s women division which was announced in 2019. However, MLW has not announced any updates recently. “I haven’t talked to Court, but he knows I’m a big proponent of that, and I’m also a humongous proponent, which everybody’s so afraid of and Court’s not a big fan of either, is intergender wrestling,” Konnan said.

“Bro, get on the bandwagon now because it’s going to happen. It doesn’t matter how much you resist it. It’s going to happen, and those matches are so fun to do. The thing is since people don’t know how to do them here because it’s not part of this culture. You got to remember in Mexico, bro, that’s been going on for over 20 years. So we know how to do it."