Booker T wants rematch with Triple H

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Booker T wants rematch with Triple H

The massive deal between WWE and Saudi Arabia has sparked a lot of controversy in the past, but Vince McMahon has continued on his way by pleasing the sheikhs' wishes and bringing back apparently retired wrestlers. The money on the table, in fact, was too much to be refused.

Shawn Michaels' performance on Crown Jewel and Goldberg's against Undertaker on Super ShowDown, to name a few, was received negatively. In any case, several stars have expressed the desire to fight in Arab land because of the large reward that is recognized.

Even Hall of Famer Mick Foley has stated that he is ready to fight again if he is given a hefty salary. Booker T also intervened on the issue who, during his latest podcast, expressed his desire to face Triple H in Saudi Arabia.

Booker T said, "I would like to fight again, but the context should be right and the pay adequate. I would like to fight in Saudi Arabia because WWE writes big checks to go there. My ideal opponent? Without a doubt Triple H, we still have some unfinished business."

Booker T on the match between him and Triple H at WrestleMania 19

The two-time Hall of Famer explicitly referred to their WrestleMania X9 match in 2003, which had a controversial ending and was won by Triple H thanks to interference from Ric Flair: "A lot of people wanted me to win that night.

Even today many tell me they are annoyed by that result and, I must tell the truth, I am too. Even many of the insiders told me that the victory was up to me, but they did nothing about it. So yes, I would like to take back my revenge and Saudi Arabia would be the ideal place”.

Meanwhile, Booker T continues to indulge in extra ring projects and most recently appeared in the music video of rapper Bad Bunny, who performed a live performance on Sunday. last at the Royal Rumble. The Texan wrestler was also a major star of WWE Backstage, the Fox Sports 1 program, along with Renee Young and Paige.

Booker T hasn't wrestled in WWE for nine years, but he did return to the ring for his own promotion, Reality of Wrestling, last year. Booker T said that he doesn't lose sleep over how that match ended at WrestleMania in 2003.

He said that pro wrestling is like the movies, and at times, the "bad guy" wins and "gets away with the crime"