Revealed: How Vince McMahon likes to deal with angry crowds

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Revealed: How Vince McMahon likes to deal with angry crowds

The entire history of WWE is studded with the greatest characters at the character level of the entire world pro-wrestling scene, with some wrestlers who have in fact held key roles for years, building the fame that WWE has today, thanks to matches, appearances, storylines and catchphrases, which have made these faces so familiar that they are recognized in any daily activity.

Many of the characters who have walked the Vince McMahon's ring, in fact, are already recognized by a simple haircut or a type of moustache, such as Hulk Hogan, who has been wearing the same moustache for more than 30 years and who probably he will carry it for the rest of his life.

Sometimes, however, fans of the WWE Universe begin to dislike some aspect in particular of the Stamford-based federation, such as in the last period, it is the use of the so-called part-timer wrestlers, which according to many go to "steal "space for emerging talents, such as Bill Goldberg, who at the Royal Rumble went to challenge WWE Champion Drew McIntyre, losing.

How Vince McMahon likes to deal with angry crowds

In their latest interview with Riju Dasgupta of Sportskeeda, the famous team of the 80s and 90s of WWE, the Bushwhackers, athletes with an unmistakable style, who loved entering and exiting the McMahon rings with a particular very nice gear, wanted to explain how WWE and in particular its Chairman to "cheat" the discontented fan, making him go home happy.

To the microphones of the well-known overseas site, the two have in fact revealed: "Well, they used to do the same thing over and over again, if Hulk Hogan and Warrior were in the main event of the shows, it didn't matter if they were at Madison Square Garden or somewhere else.

They would still have put on the match and there would have been an interlude in the middle. Then they would put on another match after that. They always kept our match towards the end, at every show, they always tried to keep us until the last.

So when we walked in, the music started, the announcement started and blah blah blah, 'Luke and Butch, the Bushwhackers!' And we were marching to the ring and all the people in the audience would march with us. Everyone was happy.

We were going to do crazy things during the match and in the end, they would throw our hands up to our victory and the whole arena would come home happy. That's how Vince McMahon and WWE work. When their big shows are coming to an end, or big events yet, or any event, they make people have a very happy time towards the end, so they forget that their Hulk Hogan got screwed, that someone else is.

been screwed or that the most important event of the evening was a hole in the water. They tried to revisit this method for TV as well. But arenas certainly come home in a happy mode."