Doug Flutie wins and loses the WWE 24/7 Championship

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Doug Flutie wins and loses the WWE 24/7 Championship

The 24/7 Championship has changed countless holders since it was made an integral part of the belts at World Wrestling Entertainment. Precisely in this regard, even in the last few minutes someone has been interested in this title, which can be conquered at any time and anywhere by any person who wants it around his life.

When we see this title we can only think of R-Truth who with this belt (presented by Mick Foley, by the way) has entertained many fans over the months, with many comedy segments that have almost always entertained. However, returning to the focus of this news, we report that in the past few minutes the former American football player, Doug Flutie, managed to pin R-Truth himself and become the new champion 24/7, placing himself within the huge roll of honor of this particular belt, as evidenced also by a tweet published just now by the federation based in Stamford.

There have been a total of 136 24/7 Championship reigns

Doug Flutie is a former American quarterback. Doug is considered a true legend of the Canadian Football League and has donated his performances on the pitch to countless teams from various countries including the Calgary Stampeders, Toronto Argonauts, Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots.

With this title victory, his career in sport is also enriched by a new chapter, with the WWE that has allowed him to enter among the general holders of this new title which according to many may really have done the good of the comedy in the product of Vince McMahon and associates, while for others it has greatly disappointed the expectations it initially generated.

In the next few days or even in the next few hours we will be able to witness a new change of titleholder, also considering what the federation and R-Truth himself accustomed to, currently champion 53 times, responding to the attacks of real a large part of the roster, which now as a fixed appointment to win the belt chases the former teammate of The Miz and wrestler who, in gimmick, sees his childhood idol in John Cena.

The concept of the 24/7 Championship is arguably the wildest in all of WWE. Many records have been broken by this title alone, and it changes hands almost every week. Since its introduction in 2019, there have been over a hundred reigns in the short history of this title.

The current champion, R-Truth has won the title 49 times, as he added Doug Flutie to the list of champions that he has pinned to win the title.