Damian Priest heard the rumors about his move to Raw and...

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Damian Priest heard the rumors about his move to Raw and...

In recent weeks there has been a lot of talk about Damian Priest's arrival on the WWE main roster, with the former North American champion of NXT who should have even made his debut in the Friday Night Smackdown rings several weeks ago, alongside Kevin.

Owens, with the wrestler from the WWE Wednesday night yellow show who instead appeared on the main roster programs only in the men's Rumble at the end of January. The initial plans that saw the debut of the NXT "hunter" on the blue show of the McMahon company were in fact trashed, with the new plans instead bringing Priest to the rings of Monday Night Raw, where the athlete immediately began a feud with the couple The Miz & John Morrison, with a special helper for the WWE face wrestler, who was Bad Bunny, a very famous Puerto Rican rapper much loved in America.

Damian Priest says HHH told him the news

In his latest interview with Rich Ucchino, the former secondary champion of the WWE Wednesday night show said: "You know how strange this business is and how it works, man, the type that you hear various rumors about something, then they even tell you these things, but in the end, these things never really change.

And every time it seems to start over, like 'Hey, it looks like it's going to ...' but no one has ever told me clearly, because everyone has always said the same vague things to me. It was always a 'but you know things could change, so take it as a maybe' Then, in the end, the inevitable 'you could be in the Rumble' also arrived And as always, I've always said to myself 'that would be great, but until now, I've always been an NXT superstar.

Let me focus on what my next job is to be and what I want to do here, after that.' " Damian Priest ultimately made it into the 2021 Men's Rumble and made his ring debut on Raw after that, with a close alliance with rapper Bad Bunny that could most likely lead the two to have a duo match at Wrestlemania, against the team formed by Miz and Morrison.

Damian Priest has never competed in a match at WrestleMania. He added that he simply wants to be on the card this year in some capacity. “Hell, I don’t care what I’m doing. First of all, I’m just trying to be on WrestleMania.

It can be in any way, shape or form, so to get in with someone like him and his caliber of status in this world… sign me up, please!” WrestleMania 37 is due to take place on April 10-11 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.