Could Paul Heyman now be considered the greatest manager ever?

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Could Paul Heyman now be considered the greatest manager ever?

One of the most important characters that WWE has been focusing on most recently is certainly the Universal Champion of Friday Night Smackdown: Roman Reigns. Since his return to the ring in August, where Roman Reigns interfered in the post-match for the Universal title between The Fiend and Braun Strowman, the Tribal Chief has done nothing but accumulate consensus upon consensus, with the new great heel character standing bringing to the stage, with great help arriving in the form of support from Paul Heyman, who did nothing but increase the consensus towards the absolute champion of the WWE blue show.

In recent weeks, many have approached him as probable future challengers, such as Daniel Bryan, Edge and Big E, with this year's Royal Rumble winner most likely going to challenge him in the Wrestlemania main event next April.

The journey from Paul E. Dangerously to Paul Heyman

In the latest edition of Talking Smack, which has recently been hosted by Kayla Braxton and Roman Reigns' manager Paul Heyman, Mad Genius wanted to tease once again the Intercontinental Smackdown champion invited to the episode, Big E.

Faced with the secondary champion of the blue show, Heyman said: "Now, solidifying the titled kingdom he can secure a position for a position for next year's Wrestlemania, in the main event for the Universal title against Roman Reigns.

This is what the titled kingdom should help her do; it should be her great champion designation that will allow her to enter the Wrestlemania main event against Roman Reigns. The fact that you are not going to be part of the main event this year, sir, does not bother you.

Isn't that right? "At these words, Big E obviously did not remain silent, replying to the Mad Genius: "That doesn't bother me. It motivates me. Everything I've done in the past has been totally incredible, but it will never be comparable to what I will do this year.

I'll see your boyfriend in the Wrestlemania main event in 2022, if he still has the title. If it still has it, I'll be there”. With this segment and all those sent out in the past few weeks, WWE may have laid the groundwork for creating a massive storyline that could lead the massive former New Day member to become a main eventer of the federation, with a consecration that fans have been waiting for for years, which could in a year arrive for Big E.

Much like Tom Brady keeps on going to Super Bowls, Paul Heyman keeps finding himself as the voice of champions. He just keeps stockpiling wins in a career that has been legendary, and he doesn't appear to be slowing down anytime soon. And for that, Paul Heyman must at least be considered in a conversation as the greatest manager of all time.