WWE wants WrestleMania 37 to beat the Super Bowl in attendance

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WWE wants WrestleMania 37 to beat the Super Bowl in attendance

During the night, the Super Bowl LV aired from Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, which the NFL has been carrying on for months, despite the fact that the global pandemic has not yet completely regressed, trying to comply with all the health regulations required at this time and obviously also enforcing social distancing outside the playing field, which is always mandatory in all environments, in the USA and in the world in general.

The Super Bowl was broadcast from the same stadium that will stage the two evenings dedicated to WrestleMania 37 the next 10 and 11 April, that is the Raymond James Stadium that last year had to see the WWE Superstars protagonists of Wrestlemania 36, who instead they were moved to the Performance Center due to the worldwide pandemic, which drastically changed all plans for the McMahon company for a whole year.

As seen on the night for the Super Bowl, the NFL wanted to fill the empty seats assigned by the federation to maintain social distancing, with hardbacks of "fake" fans, with the idea that it is quite popular within WWE circles.

and which could therefore be repeated in the two evenings dedicated to WrestleMania 37, which will be staged in a few weeks from the same stadium.

WWE wants WrestleMania 37 to beat the Super Bowl

As reported by the well-known Wrestle Votes site, in fact: "With tonight's Super Bowl at Raymond James Stadium - the home of Wrestlemania 37 in 9 weeks - WWE may have accepted the idea of ​​filling the 'empty' seats with hardbacks like the NFL did.

I believe the decision will be discussed again within WWE, as the stadium looked great for the SuperBowl. "After the advent of Orlando's ThunderDome, then moved to St Petersburg, WWE could now create its audience."

fake", which only serves to make the stadium less" empty "visually, with fans connected from home having a more pleasant view of the huge stadium filled for less than half of cheering fans, who will be able to enjoy the first WWE show.

live after a long time. Tampa Bay won their second Super Bowl in franchise history and they did so with the help of former WWE 24/7 Champion Rob Gronkowski. Triple H has another title belt all ready for the team. WWE will usually gift the winning team of the season with their own World Title belt.

This big win for Tampa came weeks before the city is set to host WrestleMania 37 as well. Triple H tweeted out an image of the title that Tampa Bay is set to receive along with a congratulatory message. "Congratulations to @TomBrady and the @Buccaneers on an incredible performance in the #SuperBowl.

From the #WWEThunderDome to @RJStadium, enjoy this @WWE custom title … @RobGronkowski will know what to do with it!!!"