WWE’s plan to push Cesaro already under doubt

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WWE’s plan to push Cesaro already under doubt

As we have reiterated in recent weeks, WWE is trying to raise the caliber of some of its wrestlers within the main roster. WWE Universe fans have seen, in this sense the victory, in the last episode of Friday Night Smackdown, of Cesaro against Daniel Bryan, a match that lasted about four minutes that saw the European wrestler's skills highlighted: at the same time from this match, thanks to the defeat of a superstar like Daniel Bryan, there are currently more questions than answers.

During the last edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, the well-known journalist Dave Meltzer talked about some of the WWE's plans for Cesaro and reasoned that it would be really difficult for WWE to relaunch a wrestler like Cesaro, now far from the main scenes of the roster for a really long time.

Latest update on Cesaro

The upper echelons of WWE are trying to do something with Cesaro, but at the moment it is tough, we are talking about a wrestler who has always been there but now all people have stamped his level as a good worker, a decent wrestler but not a Top star.

Here are the words of Meltzer specifically: "They are going on, but they have sidelined him for a very long time and at the moment it is not impossible to improve him, but it is much more difficult with a guy who has been in the middle for six or seven years and now they are trying with Cesaro " This is the reason for Cesaro's victory at SmackDown and now we will see what happens in the coming weeks.

Cesaro is 40 years old but he can easily churn out great performances and recently announced that he will only retire when he realizes he is no longer able to fight. Furthermore, the latest rumors affirm that Cesaro has renewed with WWE and that his future in WWE is solid and solid without any real problems.

There are many in the WWE Universe to hope that the choice to renew this Superstar can bring him back to a high push. The Swiss Superman battled Daniel Bryan on SmackDown this week, and he won the match. It was also a brutal match that saw the side of Cesaro’s head covered in blood when it was all said and done.

After their match, Cesaro and Daniel Bryan did the first bump as a show of respect. This seemingly cemented Cesaro’s babyface turn. He was previously a heel and working as such. WWE told Cesaro that he is needed to put over younger stars. This week’s big win was certainly a sign that they are giving Cesaro enough clout to share around.