Chris Jericho: Vince McMahon knew what I was doing

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Chris Jericho: Vince McMahon knew what I was doing

In the latest edition of Busted Open Radio, former WWE superstar Chris Jericho commented on his choice to sign with AEW. Y2J also revealed that he spoke to Vince McMahon before announcing his decision. "A lot of that stuff is private but I did have a very amicable conversation with him.

He knew what I was doing, it wasn’t a surprise. I didn’t just show up in Jacksonville and that was it. "The bottom line is the Khan family isn’t messing around. They want to make a go at this and you know they have a lot of money and they have a lot of capital" - Jericho explained.

He also added: “I think it’s the same with [AEW] and having a legit legend. The legendary guy, Chris Jericho, is there and still super relevant, and people were saying, ‘The h*****t free agent in the business.’ I don’t think there’s anybody else that could’ve gone there that had the same kind of effect.

"If you brought a Hulk Hogan there, people would be like, ‘Oh, this is just a retread.’ Or if you brought Goldberg there it’s like, ‘Well OK, we haven’t seen him in a while. Maybe it’s a money thing.’ But with Jericho, everyone was waiting to see where he’s going to go.

I think most people would say, ‘Yeah, he’ll talk to other places, but he’s probably going to end up in WWE.’ "When I didn’t, it really is a modern-day version of Hulk Hogan in 1994 showing up in WCW, but it’s a much cooler, more contemporary version of that type of a name because I’ve been doing nothing, but once again, rebuilding my brand and making people wonder what’s Jericho going to do in 2019.

So, when I showed up at the press conference, now everyone knows, and I think people take AEW a whole lot more seriously than they did before I was involved”.