Shelton Benjamin's reaction to Mia Yim and Keith Lee's engagement


Shelton Benjamin's reaction to Mia Yim and Keith Lee's engagement

In the last few hours, one of the couples who came to form on the WWE rings, that is the one composed of Mia Yim and Keith Lee, both fighters of Monday Night Raw, wanted to let their fans know that they will soon get married.

After seeing several members of the WWE roster get married, such as in the past Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, Daniel Bryan and Brie Bella or Zelina Vega and Aleister Black, the moment will soon come for the mammoth Keith Lee and Mia Yim to say yes, for life, with the two who, after having met behind the scenes of the WWE, fell in love like two simple human beings.

If several WWE colleagues, including the company's official account, have already congratulated the couple who will soon get married, one of the protagonists of Monday Night Raw wanted to express his compliments in a rather extroverted way, going to take around both the "yes" said by Mia Yim, and the same athlete from Raw.

On his Twitter account, Shelton Benjamin has in fact posted the following tweets after the official engagement between the two colleagues: "She said 'yes', he said 'HELP'!". It's still: "Mia Yim is officially engaged. How is that possible?"

Mia Yim and Keith Lee are the latest WWE couple to get engaged

Of course, Shelton Benjamin's tone is deliberately joking, although to some fans it seemed a little too strange or heavy.

Surely, on occasions like these, the two colleagues wanted to joke about the good news, like it is done between friends, with a couple who is always harassed by colleagues and friends until marriage, as a pledge to pay for a happy and lasting life with their partner.

Once again, from the entire WorldWrestling editorial team, the best wishes go to the couple for this good news, after a year full of pain and bad news, which had to somehow be "forgotten" as much as possible. There are multiple married couples in WWE, and also quite a few that are engaged like Keith Lee and Mia Yim.

Towards the end of 2020, former NXT North American Champion Leon Ruff and referee Aja Smith revealed that they got engaged over Christmas time, seeing out the year on a high. Multiple-time WWE RAW Women's Champion Charlotte Flair and her fiancé Andrade announced their engagement on New Year's Day in 2020, with the latter taking to Twitter to excitedly announce "she said si!" The pair regularly post loved-up pictures to their Instagram accounts, including their matching costumes on Halloween.

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