Brother of WWE assault accuser promises to take legal action

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Brother of WWE assault accuser promises to take legal action

The history of WWE is dotted with the strangest and longest trials, which took place in the most disparate parts of the world and which dealt with the most difficult topics, such as the strangest ones. If many times the fruit of the dispute were simple television rights or ownership of a name, many other times the scandal was something much more important, such as a failure to safeguard the life and health of the wrestlers who in the past had worked with WWE or even harassment and abuse suffered behind the scenes of the various shows of the McMahon-owned company.

Once again, WWE and especially Vince McMahon get involved in a mud-machine mechanism, which could lead to the ruin of the public image of the #1 company in the world of pro-wrestling, with these new allegations that are terribly slanderous and that they could get the boss of the Stamford company to unleash their lawyers to defend themselves.

Brother of WWE assault accuser promises to take legal action

Through his Twitter account, Lee Cole wanted to launch once again a very serious accusation against the WWE, after his brother Tom, committed suicide at the age of 50, after having spent a lifetime accusing three former backstage members then WWF: Wrestling Operations Director Terry Garvin, ring announcer Mel Phillips, and the late WWE Hall of Famer Pat Patterson.

These three characters were described as pedophiles, molesters and offenders of carrying on misconduct in their WWE backstage work and which for years have led to several insiders being harassed and harassed by the trio. After his brother's suicide, Lee lashed out at WWE with the following message: "My brother Tom committed suicide a couple of hours ago.

Vince McMahon and his wife Linda allowed child molesters to stay in their company for years and did everything they could to cover up what they did to my brother. I hope you can sleep peacefully at night Vince. Our family suffers.

Thank you." To increase the dose and to add to the words of the brother of the suicidal person, the journalist David Bixenspan thought about it, who with another tweet tried to clarify the situation better, admitting that the story of Tom Cole has always been the same, for years now, up to suicide, saying: "As brother Lee tweeted below, Tom Cole, 50, WWE's main ring prosecutor of the harassment scandal, committed suicide tonight.

I have a lot of things to say, but this thing sucks. If you don't know the story, start my October study. One thing that I would like to make clear, as I have heard and that may not go away: Tom Cole has never changed his version of the story.

Yes, there were times when he was more inclined to forgive the McMahons and WWE. And yes, the more time passed, the more vague he became in public about what had happened. But he never changed his story."