Batista's current WrestleMania status revealed

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Batista's current WrestleMania status revealed
Batista's current WrestleMania status revealed

In recent weeks, the most disparate rumors have appeared online about what could have been the most important characters who would have taken part in the two nights dedicated to the Showcase of the Immortals, WrestleMania 37, which this year will air from that Raymond James Stadium who already last year had to see the show of the shows as the absolute star of Tampa Bay.

Among the many Superstar names that are part of the WWE roster, although they are not used in every show, such as that of Edge, John Cena or Bill Goldberg, in recent days those of The Rock, The Undertaker had also appeared in some news and even that Batista, who should actually be withdrawn from in-ring activity, after his last match against Triple H always at Wrestlemania, like Deadman himself.

If the name of John Cena had already been removed from the WWE and especially from Wrestlemania on several occasions, given the urgent commitments that the Leader of the Chain Gang must carry out in Canada, in the recordings of the series focused on him, in The Peacemaker, hero of the DC saga, now even Batista's would have been vehemently removed from the WWE rings.

Update on Batista's status

In his latest update reported to the microphones of the PW Insider Elite Radio Show, Mike Johnson wanted to respond to all those fans who kept asking him about Batista, with the well-known journalist who in fact stated: "Now he's in Australia, he's shooting the new Thor movie and most of all he's retired.

I don't see anything like that at WrestleMania at all, it won't happen, it won't be part of the show." After taking part in the entire Guardians of the Galaxy saga, Batista continues to reap success on the big screen in Hollywood with the character of Drax the Destroyer, although at the moment all the cinemas in the world are still blocked due to the global pandemic from Covid, which has brought several categories of workers to their knees; but Marvel and DC do not give up and are betting everything on WWE wrestlers to increase their earnings and their successes.

Thor teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy at the end of End Game. It opened the door for plenty of stories to come. Batista will be featured in the new Thor movie, and he’ll be portraying that part whenever needed. That being said, WrestleMania isn’t happening for him this year.

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