Cesaro says he can't remember his last title shot in WWE

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Cesaro says he can't remember his last title shot in WWE

Cesaro's fans have been hoping for a titled victory for several years now, but the plans have never materialized. The Swiss fighter has always shown his athletic skills, becoming the protagonist of great matches like the one against Daniel Bryan in SmackDown, which saw him bleeding profusely from the nape of the neck.

Cesaro then shook his hand as a sign of esteem and respect, passing again through the ranks of the good guys of the blue show. During Talking Smack he then decided to vent his frustrations regarding his WWE status, stating that he doesn't remember the last time he had a headlining shot: "I have to be honest, I can't remember the last time I had a chance compete for the Universal Championship or the WWE Championship, but I've always moved on.

I love what I do and believe that hard work pays off sooner or later. If I had had opportunities in the past, I would have been champion by now. I do it for all those people who have always believed in me since the first moment I arrived in the United States and then I set foot in WWE."

Cesaro signed a new contract with WWE

Cesaro then added: "I did my apprenticeship and I worked hard to be where I am, even before I joined WWE. I fought all over the world. I loved every single moment because it is who I am and because I believe in that.

what do I do. I love wrestling. I invite everyone to continue doing what they believe in, not listening to the opinion of others. Only your opinion matters and your actions count." A really h*t promo, according to many not written by WWE, which has renewed the desire of fans to see him a champion in the future.

Cesaro has recently signed a new contract with the Company and will be part of SmackDown's Elimination Chamber at the homonymous PPV, scheduled for February 21, where, if he wins, he will finally have the chance to fight for the Universal Championship against Roman Reigns.

During Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed Cesaro’s current direction in WWE. He reasoned why it will be much harder for WWE do to anything with him at this point after keeping him down for so long. “The goal is now to try and do something with Cesaro and it’s hard after all these years; and it’s hard because they guy’s been there forever and ever and people in their minds have cast them as ‘oh he’s a good worker, but not a top star,’ and now, you know like five or seven years ago they could have made him a top star”.