CM Punk says he would have squashed former WWE Champion

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CM Punk says he would have squashed former WWE Champion

Throughout its history, WWE has had great wrestlers and legends within it who have managed to be admired both for their work in the ring and outside. Two of these are undoubtedly Stone Cold Steve Austin and CM Punk, two former WWE world champions who, in addition to being great athletes, possessed great skills with the microphone and were consequently adept at 'being loved' by the public.

Although we are talking about wrestlers who have lived through great but different eras regarding their experience in the ring, many fans of the WWE Universe have imagined and dreamed of a match that involved the two of them.

In the end, it never went well, only once in 2012 the two attended together in an interview with Jim Ross where there was a hint of a feud between the two of them, but unfortunately, it was just a marketing message from Vince McMahon's company that was trying to promote the WWE 2K13 video game.

CM Punk and Stone Cold Steve Austin are two of the biggest Superstars in WWE history

In the course of his usual back-and-forth with fans where the former Chicago wrestler chatted with fans, CM Punk answered a question from a fan asking what would happen in the event of a match between him and the WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin.

This is one of the biggest matches that WWE Universe fans have ever imagined and the fan in question also specified that this, in the years 2013-2014, could have been the biggest match ever. The wrestler's response on social media was not long in coming with Punk who responded slyly smiling and stating that: "The match would have been quite short..."

A clue on how it would have ended according to the Straight Edge for a challenge which can only remain in the imagination of the WWE Universe. For years now, CM Punk has not entered professional wrestling and WWE ring and recently the former wrestler (a few months ago) wanted to celebrate a particular anniversary on social media, that is 7 years from the precise moment he decided to leave WWE.

His return to the ring is somewhat unlikely, especially with the company of Vince McMahon, but fans continue to dream of this particular possibility. WWE Hall of Famer 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin has since responded to the Straight Edge Superstar's bold claim by laying out how he felt a match between them would go.

He was more specific in his vision for the match, stating that it would have been in Chicago, CM Punk's hometown, and lasted nearly an hour. Stone Cold went on to add that he would have won with seconds remaining for the 60-minute time limit. It couldn't be further from how Punk imagined this dream match would go.