Kane verbally takes down hater for coming at his WWE past

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Kane verbally takes down hater for coming at his WWE past

The history of WWE is studded with the most absurd prohibitions and rules, but also with the most important ones, such as the absolute prohibition of hitting an opponent with a chair on the head, or as they are called in the original language, the famous "chair shots."

Over the last few years, in fact, the WWE has carried out a policy of safeguarding and safety of its fighters that up to the last twenty years had not even been taken into consideration, with repeated sitting that hit the heads and therefore also the brains of those who suffered them, which over the years had done irreparable damage to the McMahon-owned federation's athletes.

Thanks to the Wellness Program and the new company policy that goes to great lengths to prevent WWE athletes from suffering concussions of any degree, the McMahon-owned federation has thus avoided a fairly serious problem that had now become a plague in the late 90s/early 2000s.

In a comment that was almost immediately deleted by a fan who responded to a tweet from Knox County, which spoke of the 1000 doses of Pfizer's anti-covid vaccine in the area, the joker had in fact written: "Maybe it was better not to have as mayor a guy who usually took a seat on his head?" At this comment, Kane obviously did not remain silent, with the mayor of Knox County expressing his thought in the most crystalline and polished way possible, saying: "WWE banned headshots years ago, so good luck with your material!

However, I love games with childish insults, so keep up with your mocking invective. But nothing too verbose or sesquipedale. My language skills have obviously been knocked down." With a deadly pun, Kane not only hinted at the fan that he was still abundantly able to understand and want but also "cleared" the hothead that hinted that the wrestler was unable to rule a county for his past as a WWE athlete.

Kane is Mayor of Knox County

Not bad for someone who has suffered several blows to the head, in short. Kane has received some criticism since taking the office of Mayor. He drummed up a lot of controversy after the intimidating tactics that he used against health officials in his county regarding a mask mandate.

It seems that he can still handle himself on Twitter which obviously came in handy this time around. We’ll never how how different WWE history might have been if WWE picked Brother Love as Kane’s first manager instead of Paul Bearer.

Things seemed to work out in the end as it jumpstarted a new rivalry that led all the way to an incredible moment at WrestleMania 14 where Brother vs Brother finally went down on the grandest stage of them all.