Boxer Anthony Joshua says he will do WWE next

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Boxer Anthony Joshua says he will do WWE next

More and more stars from outside the world of wrestling decide to land at Stamford-based company's doors. Heavyweight boxing champion Anthony Joshua recently expressed a desire to work with WWE in the future. Interviewed on Alternative Sport's microphones, here's what he said: "This is a big question, I would like to join WWE as Muhammad Ali once did.

I already have my theme song in mind, I could choose between Stormzy's Shut Up or Push It to the Limit, the song from the movie Scarface." The British champion probably referred to the first, historic edition of WrestleMania, when Ali was the special guest referee in the main event that saw Hulk Hogan & Mr.

T opposing the team composed of Paul Orndorff and Roddy Piper. Do not forget how Ali was also the protagonist of a historic match, dating back to 1976, with the legendary Antonio Inoki, who later became the WWE Hall of Famer.

Anthony Joshua Wants To Join WWE Joshua is known for being a two-time World Unified Heavyweight Champion and is expected to face Tyson Fury shortly, another character who is nothing new to the WWE world.

Anthony Joshua says he will do WWE next

The boxing champion has revealed in the past that the Company had plans for him at WrestleMania and repeatedly challenged Drew McIntyre to a match in England.

The boxing match between Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury is expected to take place in the Middle East this summer and bring in a whopping $ 200 million. A challenge that many are considering the most important in the history of British boxing, even comparing it to the legendary match between Ali and Frazier, dating back to 1975.

But Joshua and Fury are not the only two champions to have expressed the desire to move to the world of wrestling. Anthony Ogogo, a former British boxer who participated in the 2012 Olympics, was also signed by the AEW in 2019.

He has not yet made his ring debut officially, but Cody Rhodes had openly praised him, singing the praises. of his background. WWE knows how to bring in a big name for a special attraction. We’ll have to see if Anthony Joshua and Vince McMahon’s company ever work something out, but the door certainly doesn’t seem closed at all.

WWE made this decision out of caution following the recent earnings release. WWE's stock fell from 56 dollars per share on Thursday to 49.23 dollars a day later. That is a 6.77 dollar drop in just a day's time, add to that the unpredictability of the market during the COVID-19 pandemic and WWE is right to be cautious during these times.