Triple H on WWE’s Move To Peacock to affect future NXT Takeovers

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Triple H on WWE’s Move To Peacock to affect future NXT Takeovers

Triple H has a post-game media call right after NXT “Takeover: Vengeance Day”. As many people may know, WWE is going to move to Peacock. During the media call, Triple H revealed how the move is going to affect NXT Takeovers from now on as this was the last NXT Takeover before the move.

“That is the plan. Obviously new partners and a platform but the content and the delivery on content, it’s a WWE product and WWE’s process,” Triple H stated. “Will that change at some point? Will there be more or less? We’re always going to evaluate.

No different than we would at any other point in time but that is the plan, to keep going. The beautiful thing about Peacock is there’s a lot of eyeballs, potentially”.

Triple H on WWE Moving to Peacock Also Affecting NXT

Triple H then revealed an NXT brand for Latin America.

He stated that due to the pandemic, things are pretty difficult. However, WWE wants to focus on bringing the huge amount of talent inside Latin America into WWE. “You’re talking about next-level talent like Andrade.

You’re talking about Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza” Triple H said. “When you get past that, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik and Santos Escobar, Raul [Mendoza], Joaquin [Wilde]. There’s just so many talents.

“Could we be very close to a Latino brand? Absolutely, but the timing’s got to be right for it, and the timing has to be right in the world. And given all the circumstances of the pandemic, it makes that challenge more difficult, but it’s still a goal.

As you saw in the Superstar Spectacle for India, the intent to grow and have localized content and brand in India to have that in other markets as well as we have done in the UK. “And in the UK, I think we’re just nicking the surface of where it’s going to go.

There’s a massive opportunity there. The timing just has to be right to do it, and we’re going to evaluate that, but when we do it, we’re going to do it right and do it big. It doesn’t make sense to just do it to do it”.

Triple H has been the man behind the scenes for NXT’s Success. Before AEW came around, many people started watching NXT, as many people believed that NXT’s product was better than WWE in a number of ways. Vince McMahon does not control NXT, and wrestlers are relatively speaking, given the freedom to do whatever they want.