Rey Mysterio reveals when he plans to retire

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Rey Mysterio reveals when he plans to retire

Rey Mysterio is arguably the greatest luchador to ever step foot in a WWE ring. For nearly 32 years, the Mexican-born wrestler has wowed audiences thanks to his skills combined with extraordinary charisma. The former heavyweight champion has had a simply legendary career, in which he has managed to win all the accolades the company could offer.

He currently fights on the SmackDown roster alongside his son Dominik, who many consider to be one of the brightest stars in the future. However, at the age of 46, Mysterio may soon decide to hang up his boots. In the latest edition of the 'Not About Wrestling' podcast, the masked wrestler made some interesting remarks about his retirement.

Rey Mysterio's family is making waves in WWE

"I never thought my son could inflict the last defeat on me, in my mind, we will always stick together in WWE. I know a lot of people expect me to fight with my son sooner or later, but to be honest I wouldn't want to go out like that.

I would like to close on a high note, raising my arms to the sky, a bit like Mayweather. I hope to be the one to say that it is time to say enough ”- Rey Mysterio declared. Rey then returned to his famous Royal Rumble victory back in 2006.

"When I won the Royal Rumble in 2006 if you look closely at the match, I spent most of my time hiding under the tarps and thought it was a great strategy to triumph. I went in second if I remember correctly, so I enjoyed practically the whole event.

I also believe I have set the record for staying in the Royal Rumble match ”- he said. In the opinion of numerous insiders, it cannot be ruled out that a feud between Mysterio himself and Seth Rollins, who has just made his return to SmackDown, may rekindle.

On the other hand, the 'Messiah' still has some unfinished business with his former student Murphy. Rey Mysterio himself has been and continues to be one of the most talented wrestlers to have ever graced a WWE ring.

However, many were surprised by the sudden rise of his two children, Dominik and Aalyah. Both have made waves within the company, impressing many officials backstage. Dominik Mysterio continues to grow as an in-ring performer and his skill on the mic is good as well.

While Aalyah has not had much to do in the ring or on the mic, officials have been impressed by her acting skills, which were showcased during her family's feud with Seth Rollins.