Canceled plans for a major CM Punk match

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Canceled plans for a major CM Punk match

As we all know, CM Punk was one of the most beloved athletes of the very famous PG Era, while Chris Benoit was one of the athletes who were recognized as the best not only in the company but also worldwide. The two could count on not indifferent characters and skills, which allowed them to remain fixed in the memories of fans of various eras.

It is news today that the WWE, which could count on both athletes, had in mind big plans for a rivalry between the two in the now distant 2007, a year also remembered for the shocking departure of the Canadian. In fact, during a Q&A on Twitter, CM Punk himself answered a question from a fan who asked him about this rivalry that has been discussed so much over the years and that fans around the globe would have liked so much.

Former WWE champion and former Paul Heyman Guy replied that he didn't have the slightest idea of ​​what could have happened at the end of the rivalry, but that the only certain thing is that Vince McMahon's federation would have proposed something very much.

violent between the two.

CM Punk comments on the nixed Chris Benoit match in WWE

Before starting their eventual rivalry, CM Punk and Chris Benoit should have met in the Finals valid for the ECW World Heavyweight Championship Tournament in WWE Vengeance: Night Of Champions on June 24, 2007, a very delicate day in the history of World Wrestling Entertainment, the day of the former champion's death.

Surely the rivalry would have created something very interesting, also considering the qualities that the two could count on to create what in technical jargon is referred to as "feud", as the sporting history of these two has taught us over the years that they saw protagonists.

And would you have liked this rivalry instead? Let us know with a comment. Punk also reacted to Edge's Royal Rumble victory and said he was pleased to see The Rated-R Superstar embark on another in-ring run. Punk cheekily added that he was jealous of Edge's abs.

"Super stoked for him to get a second act. And jealous of his abs." CM Punk also claimed that he would have squashed Stone Cold Steve Austin in a match, and he even received a reaction from the Texas Rattlesnake.

CM Punk surely does know how to have newsworthy Q&A sessions. As you might know, the original plan was for Chris Benoit to win the ECW title at the show. Unfortunately, the double-murder and suicide happened that week.