Taya Valkyrie signs WWE contract

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Taya Valkyrie signs WWE contract

Taya Valkyrie, the longest-running champion of Impact Wrestling, has signed with WWE and will be an integral part of the roster of NXT, a brand that in recent years has been noticed and respected by fans of Vince McMahon's product.

Most likely Taya will be included in the next "buying class" of the WWE, which she will then be able to count on what she is certainly an experienced athlete, who can give so much to what is proposed to us week after week.

Precisely in this regard, in the last few days, Triple H had made himself felt, declaring how the next athletes signed with NXT, would be the ones who would spice up the "list of acquisitions" with the most talent in the history of the brand.

Taya also took part in the NXT tapings last Wednesday, becoming familiar with an environment in which she will certainly be very present.

Taya Valkyrie departed Impact Wrestling

Taya Valkyrie debuted at Impact in 2017 and over the years has become one of the best female personalities on the circuit, also making herself known around the world where she has received many certificates of esteem from insiders, fans and finally from the Stamford federation, who has decided to put her under contract in recent times.

The career of the famous wrestler was also dictated by very important encounters with respectable personalities as evidenced by her training with Lance Storm. Also known are her experiences in Mexico with the AAA, of which she is the longest-running champion, and the Lucha Underground.

The protagonist of this news is also married to WWE Raw Superstar John Morrison, with whom she has also worked on some on-screen shows and therefore such a thing would not be absolutely excluded even in her new home, which will surely give her other experience and other knowledge in the world of wrestling.

Taya Valkyrie has a ton of potential, but it’s unclear where she will land. She is also married to WWE Superstar John Morrison, but that doesn’t guarantee that she will end up in Vince McMahon’s company. If anything, WWE’s treatment of Morrison since his return to the company could provide a warning sign that a big push in WWE is never guaranteed.

This was a very interesting way to deal with writing Taya Valkyrie out of Impact Wrestling. She was carried off by police, and it appears that she is a free agent now. It beats how Impact Wrestling dealt with Ethan Page’s exit by ripping his heart out of his chest on pay-per-view.