New details on Roman Reigns' current WWE status

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New details on Roman Reigns' current WWE status

One of the biggest matches that we will see in the next WWE PPV, or Elimination Chamber, will surely be the contest that will be staged inside the cage made of chains and pure steel to decree the new n° 1 contender for the title currently alongside Roman Reigns, the Universal Championship.

During the latest episode of Friday Night Smackdown aired from the ThunderDome in St Petersburg, Adam Pearce has in fact announced a 6-man match, which will decide the new challenger to the title of the Tribal Chief, after yet another defeat suffered by Kevin Owens in that of the Royal Rumble, despite the ugly botch of which Reigns became the protagonist together with his manager Paul Heyman, trying to untie the handcuffs during the match.

During the segment that decreed the second Elimination Chamber match in the homonymous PPV, in fact, Roman Reigns had self-ousted from the contest, attracting a lot of heat towards him from the public of the WWE Universe, with the first reason for his ouster that it seemed to give heat to the Tribal Chief, who is now doing good and bad weather on the rings of the blue show since his crowning as absolute champion.

Update on Roman Reigns

Apparently, as revealed by the latest updates reported by the well-known Ringside News site, the most important weight that deflected the decision from the presence of Roman Reigns inside the cage to a second match during the evening that saw the champion go to face the winner of the Elimination Chamber, it would be to be found in Reigns' desire not to take part in the match inside the cage.

In the last period, in fact, Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman have had a lot of weight in the decisions taken backstage and at the creative table of the WWE, with the same Reigns who is said to have insisted not to take part in the match inside the cage, both to receive a great heat with his on-screen ouster, and because in recent years, almost all the athletes who entered the Elimination Chamber, have been injured during the contest.

The special stipulation of the Chamber, in fact, sees over 80% of the athletes involved suffer quite significant physical damage, especially due to the segments that occur in contact with the pure steel of the cage, which in the past has led several wrestlers to stay out for some weeks.

Obviously, given the importance of the Roman Reigns character and given the importance of the plans that will lead him to Wrestlemania 37, after having skipped last year's edition, both the athlete himself and WWE would like to do everything to risk nothing.

this year, with Reigns who will therefore miss the match in the cage, preferring a match titled "normal" later in the same evening.