Latest update on Charlotte Flair's WWE future

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Latest update on Charlotte Flair's WWE future

One of the most followed and admired athletes of the WWE rings in recent years, is undoubtedly the multi-world champion of the McMahon federation, Charlotte Flair, daughter of the legendary Nature Boy, Ric, who with her father currently has a fairly complex storyline currently doing the rounds in the rings of Monday Night Raw.

After being accompanied by a rival of his daughter, Lacey Evans, 40 years younger than him, Ric Flair has in fact gone to annoy Charlotte several times, causing her several defeats in the rings of the McMahon company, including that of the Royal Rumble, where Charlotte Flair and Asuka have lost their WWE duo titles.

Despite everything, however, Charlotte Flair is proving to have entered one of the best phases of her life and career, showing not indifferent physical and athletic skills, after having fixed something even under the knife with a recent operation, which kept out of business for a few months.

Backstage News on Charlotte Flair

If her fans still didn't love her enough, both professionally and personally, Charlotte Flair has once again got a hand with her social networks, showing herself in a beach outfit, rather than in a ring outfit, almost like a mother he did it, making himself covered by very little cloth.

Recall that in recent years, Charlotte has also accompanied the fighter and colleague of Monday Night Raw, Andrade, after having seen both his first marriage and the second shipwreck with Riki Johnson and then with the former athlete of the TNA, Bram.

In the last period, Charlotte seems to have found serenity and happiness next to the Mexican WWE athlete, with the girl's father, Ric Flair, who has also blessed their union several times, even publicly. Well the photos speak for themselves, Charlotte is in a moment of great shape, both mental and physical, we would dare to say.

While speaking to WWE’s The Bump, Charlotte Flair talked about her return at WWE TLC. She then discussed her former rivalry with Asuka and how she is glad to be standing beside her now. Flair then added that Asuka is the centerpiece of Monday Night RAW as she worked very hard throughout the COVID-19 era.

“Seeing the rivalry with Asuka come full circle, that’s what made it special. Not necessarily winning the titles, obviously, that was a bonus, but I wore the gold when I faced her at WrestleMania 34 as a nod to her.

I wore the same boots, I just added the white robe, but with the gold accent. To go from her being my mountain to standing beside her, you just never know where your career is going to take you, so that was pretty cool. Being out there with her and truly watching her through the COVID era, being the centerpiece of RAW and holding it together and just working her butt off, I was just proud to be there with her”.