Former Impact World Champion Eli Drake signs with WWE

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Former Impact World Champion Eli Drake signs with WWE

Great news came about regarding the new arrivals at NXT, after the announcement of the arrival of Taya Valkyrie, former Impact Wrestling champion, seen for years also in the American and Mexican independent circuit, who will soon land on the rings of NXT, a big new ring figure from former TNA made his kick-off debut of NXT TakeOver Vengeance, tonight.

To arrive by surprise in front of the WWE cameras, while his commentators were doing an analysis of the evening that would be staged shortly thereafter, in fact, Eli Drake, former world champion of Impact Wrestling, arrived, who thus communicated his I land on the WWE rings from one day to the next.

Obviously, WWE wanted to change the name of the wrestler, before his official passage to the NXT rings, with Eli Drake thus passing the pseudonym of LA Knight.

Eli Drake will be working on the WWE NXT brand

During his short but intense promo in front of the cameras of the third WWE roster, Knight wanted to warn fans and insiders about his arrival, which will obviously upset all the balances that have been formed so far in the show's rings.

WWE yellow. At the moment it is not yet known how the management of the Stamford company will use the former overall champion of the third most important and famous American company, after WWE and AEW, with Eli Drake who has been a very important character for several years for the ex TNA, when its brightest stars had left the boat, after an incredible decade, which had seen epic battles with historical figures from the world of pro-wrestling, such as Sting, Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan, AJ Styles and many others.

After yet another generational change in the Impact Wrestling rings, the news now comes to NXT, which will soon have both the contribution of LA Knight and that of John Morrison's wife, Taya Valkyrie, also world champion with a great experience inside the wrestling rings around the world.

Eli Drake was last seen as part of the NWA last year, where he won the NWA World Tag Team Championship with "Cowboy" James Storm. The duo dropped their titles in November to Aron Stevens and JR Kratos on United Wrestling Network's Prime Time Live.

Since then, Storm has returned to IMPACT Wrestling, and Drake has now arrived in WWE NXT. With this signing, the NWA has lost another top star. The plans for LA Knight are currently unknown. But having him debut this quickly after his signing could mean that Triple H has plans for the former IMPACT World Champion in the weeks and months to come.