*Spoiler* The Miz's WWE Elimination Chamber replacement revealed

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*Spoiler* The Miz's WWE Elimination Chamber replacement revealed

In the episode of Monday Night Raw that aired on 15th February, WWE gave several surprises to its fans, with several reversals in front that left the members of the WWE Universe stunned, with unexpected and new changes in the Elimination Chamber card angle that put some spice on the night of the McMahon-owned company's red show.

To start the surprises during the evening, The Miz thought about it, who with a short promo wanted to make known to his fans and all the rest of the WWE crew, that he wanted to be excluded from the Elimination Chamber match of the next WWE ppv, which will go aired on Sunday, with the intent of the Awesome One which was to insert his friend John Morrison inside the infernal cage, since he already has his titled opportunity that he can redeem at any time, thanks to his Money in the Bank.

Immediately after self-ousting himself from the 6-man match to decree the WWE Champion after Elimination Chamber, The Miz was absolutely convinced that the management accepted without batting an eyelid the name of Morrison as his replacement and instead The Miz's plans did not go right as the former WWE Champion expected.

Kofi Kingston replaces The Miz in the Elimination Chamber

During the evening, Kofi Kingston challenged the holder of the Money in the Bank, orphan of his teammate, John Morrison, who was engaged in other projects last night, with a dispute that if he had won Kingston, he would have seen him join.

to the Elimination Chamber card, in that place left empty just a few minutes earlier by Miz. To win the match, needless to say, it was Kofi, who thus took the place of The Miz, effectively entering the match, together with Drew McIntyre, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Jeff Hardy and Sheamus.

We will see now, if this year Kofi Kingston will become the protagonist of a second KofiMania or if the New Day talent will be defeated by the Elimination Chamber, returning to Road to Wrestlemania with his tail between his legs.

The finish of the match saw Kingston defeat The Miz with Trouble in Paradise. The WWE Universe is already speculating that this could lead to another KofiMania, but WWE Champion Drew McIntyre will certainly have something to say about that.

The RAW Elimination Chamber match will now see Drew McIntyre defend the WWE Championship against Kofi Kingston, Sheamus, AJ Styles, Jeff Hardy, and Randy Orton. The road to WrestleMania is now in full gear. After this Sunday, there will only be one more WWE pay-per-view before WrestleMania.

It's the best time of the year to be a member of the WWE Universe, and the Elimination Chamber on Sunday should be a tremendous event.