*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss teases Bray Wyatt's return

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*Spoiler* Alexa Bliss teases Bray Wyatt's return

One of the most beloved characters of the entire WWE scene, who has been missing from the scenes for several weeks, is that evil The Fiend, alter ego of Bray Wyatt, who allegedly died after the fire started by Randy Orton, in the first Firefly Inferno WWE history match, staged at TLC 2020, last December.

Since that evening, in fact, the Fiend has no longer appeared in any way on the rings of Monday Night Raw, despite the presence of him being felt several times, with the magical and dark powers that have enveloped the ring in the Alexa Bliss matches in the meanwhile.

Apparently, however, the return of Wyatt and therefore also of his demonic alter ego, is now imminent, given the segment that aired tonight on Monday Night Raw, where Alexa Bliss has put together all her strength to search to carry out a ritual very similar to the satanic ones, to bring his mentor back to life.

Alexa Bliss teases Bray Wyatt's return

During one of the backstage segments aired by the WWE in the last three hours of the company's flagship show, Alexa Bliss was framed at one point, who was inside an abandoned Firefly Fun House after the death of The Fiend, with the cameras that for a while have not moved from the girl's first floor.

After a few seconds, in which the girl uttered quite chilling words, such as "ashes to ashes and dust to dust", in a clear reference to the death of the Fiend, burned alive by Orton at TLC, the WWE cameras began to drift away, opening up more of the view on the girl.

What no one imagined is that the girl was sitting in the center of a five-pointed star or pentacle, the satanic symbol par excellence, which is usually used in films and TV series to make sacrifices in the name of Satan. Unfortunately, the symbol in question has also been used several times in real life by crazy maniacs and serial killers who, in a decidedly not optimal psycho-physical state, decide to make sacrifices in the name of the devil, thanks to this tool.

In any case, after this angle, which ended with an unstoppable laugh from Alexa Bliss, it seems that the return of the on-screen Fiend is now imminent, with Randy Orton who will have to be very careful, especially in view of the Elimination Chamber, which par excellence is a "diabolical" match par excellence and therefore could see the return of the evil The Fiend, in view of their match at Wrestlemania 37, which is now inevitable.

The Red brand delivered a newsworthy go-home show before Elimination Chamber. However, WWE tends to make questionable booking decisions while creating some buzz, which could be felt throughout this week's episode. It had less filler content than usual, thanks to the gauntlet match that took up a huge chunk of last night's show.