Randy Orton clarifies story about smoking marijuana

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Randy Orton clarifies story about smoking marijuana
Randy Orton clarifies story about smoking marijuana (Provided by Wrestling World)

Over the past few years, the use of marijuana has been a constant for numerous WWE athletes. Several former stars of the Company had intervened on the issue, including Darren Young, who had revealed that 90% of the roster used it to alleviate the burden of on the road fatigue.

Even "Stone Cold" Steve Austin admitted to having used it in the past with a Hall of Famer and everyone remembers how Rob Van Dam was arrested in 2006 for possession of marijuana. An unfortunate situation that forced a furious Vince McMahon to suspend him and deprive him of both the WWE Championship and the ECW World Championship.

Randy Orton was also involved in the mix and apparently smoked marijuana with Snoop Dogg backstage on WrestleMania 24 in 2008. He originally wrote a post referring to issue 25 of the PPV, only to correct himself in followed on Twitter.

Here is what he wrote: "I paid attention to the fact that he smoked marijuana for the first time with Snoop Dogg at WM 24, not 25. PS: it was not the first time in general, but it was the first with Snoop " "The Viper" was also suspended several times by WWE because he tested positive in the Wellness Program, precisely because of the excessive use of marijuana.

Randy Orton clarifies story about smoking marijuana

Marijuana is currently one of the substances banned by WWE, unlike the UFC which has changed its anti-doping policies, no longer banning its use. As for Snoop Dogg, however, we remind you of how the WWE had gone on a rampage over a recent appearance in AEW.

The well-known rapper, in addition to being the cousin of Sasha Banks, had been inducted by the Company into the 2016 Hall of Fame, had appeared several times on Raw and WrestleMania, and soon after Survivor Series had collaborated to market a line of clothing dedicated to The Undertaker, now officially retired.

The Fiend has not been seen on WWE television since he was burnt alive by Randy Orton at TLC. However, with Alexa Bliss hinting that The Fiend will return soon, it could be extremely bad news for Randy Orton. Orton has been haunted by his feud with The Fiend and has missed out on several opportunities thanks to interferences, and at Elimination Chamber, he has yet another chance to win the WWE Championship.

It could be that The Fiend returns during the Elimination Chamber match to interfere in proceedings. But for the moment, it remains unconfirmed.

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